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Good Bubble news!

Ah, a sweet end to the year! on my penultimate bubble hq day of the year, i just got two bits of great news! 

Behind the scenes at Bubble Inc, the tv commercial i worked on earlier this month (see earlier blog entry) has been in some debate - they had promised to make me unrecogniseable as they weren't paying for an appearance fee, but then couldn't actually manage to adhere to this once the final edit was complete. The versions that they sent me were clearly me in it. They kept adding shadows to my face till it looked a bit ridiculous, so they've finally agreed to paying me what's called a 'buyout' fee so they can release it un-shadowed. This means i'll be reaching your screens as from January 7th! Maybe other countries too! i can't tell you who it's for yet, but when you see it, you'll know. Let me know what you think of the film when it comes out - it's short at only 20 seconds, but it's kinda zhujji!

Then, i just had word from the production team of the Guinness Record internet tv show i filmed last week saying that they think it's the best episode ever so far! I didn't tell you about it? Well, Guinness Records are getting on the case with the internet and launching all kinds of internet films. This one is like a tv show where they manage to get people to tune in at a certain time of day ONLINE to watch the latest release of their show. I had the feeling this kind of thing is thew future and will probably end up eating up television as we know it! 

They're young hip and cool presenters who are all "Youtubers" with like 60,000 followers online presenting  5 minute shows about GWR holders. My show is for something called "Slo-mo test lab" and was presented by the uber cool Bing! Essentially they're doing cool things with record holders in slow motion. You can see it by tuning in here on the 23rd January 2013 at 2pm or after. www.youtube.com/gwromg  or tune in now to get a flavour of the latest in youth tv! 

Gots to go now...

Happy bubbling!