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2013/New TV commercial coming out on monday (with me in it!)

 Happy new Year everyone! 

So 2013 has begun and what an exciting way to start the new year - we've got a national tv commercial coming out for a big soap company (can't say who yet!) on THIS MONDAY 7th January! There's been a long hoo-ha about whether or not i would actually appear in it or be blacked out, but i'm happy to say that they ended out offering me what's known as a 'buy-out' fee to appear in it! This is kinda doubly good, because not only do i get paid for it, but i get the publicity too, AND i get the pleasure of seeing myself on telly too, doing what i love! Wahoo!

How about you? Have you seen it yet? There is a sneak prrreview released today on Facebook, but it's the blacked out version and i'm not saying where... Write and tell me what you think of it!

Next big thing up is the Toy Fair - we're going to be taking a bold step forward and exhibiting at the British Toy Fair later this month. It's the first time i've entered into that part of the toy Industry, and a new challenge for us. I hope it will mean the beginings of a Samsam Bubbleman range of bubble toys (coming to your local toy shop soon!?).

If you know me, then i'm sure you know that i'm only interested in selling truly amazing bubble toys and solutions, and like to turn everyone on to bubbles, no matter what age they are! Bubbles are amazing, and MAKING bubbles doubly so. The feeling you get when creating a giant bubble is something that feels so good to the soul... creating something of wonder and beauty out of  practically thin air! 

In the meantime, i've got sooooo much to do to prepare for this Toy Fair and the sense of challenge is most certainly upon me! Wish me luck!

Happy bubbling! 

Samsam Bubbleman