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Bubble Season 2013!

 Van's loaded, spare duvet's washed. Electric Drill is charged, and Supapop's bottled. Festivals all booked, weather.... checked. Rotas - done. bags packed. New broom bought. Carpet, brushed. 

The '2013' playlist is compiled on the Ipod, and all ready to play in the wonderous tent that is the Bubble Stall! Coming to a festival near you! Soon! Today even! May 30th, 2013...6am, and i'm about to leave for our first festival of the season. It's Wychwood, in Cheltenham, a good one for us to start the season - hard standing ground means it doesn't matter toooo much if it pours with rain, plus it's close to civilisation, and, it's half term so a lot of my crew are available (some are teachers, some are parents, some are students...). And it's cute! A 'fluffy' festival. They even book my bubble show too!

There's a whole lot of bubbles to be made! Did you know we make approximately 4,000,000 bubbles a day? We worked it out!

Back in bubble HQ, things have been coming in thick and fast with an enquiry just in to work on promoting the the latest Disney film, and today a company (bit hush hush) wants to hire me to make the world's largest bubble!

I'm off to Jakarta, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong this summer too, to do a grand total of 95 gigs!

What i love about all this is the creative challenge - Indonesia is a return do after my shows there last year (See FB pics or Flickr channel http://www.flickr.com/photos/bubble-inc/ ). They want me to do new tricks, so i've been rehearsing some new ideas, (you're gonna love my new signature trick!) but the best thing is once i'm out there and a few shows in, the show really starts to come into it's own. I start to work out what works best with the crowd, and it goes from strength to strength. With that many shows, it gives you the opportunity to build it and build it and build it!

The down side is of course i will be away for some weeks and whilst i love what i do, i will miss my family sooo much! 

It's Reuben's 3rd birthday today, so i've just kissed his cheek, and i've got the words from Paul Simon's "Duncan" going round my head.

But he and his sister and mother are all coming to Wychwood too! Hurrah!

I will write my blog up regularly whilst in Indonesia, so keep you're eyes peeled!

Happy bubbling!