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Bread - Jakarta #1



It’s always so hectic leaving the country. Organising, delegating, running around trying to get everything done before I go away…And this was no exception.


A multitude of challenges have arisen in the last week: My new bubble light table arrived on Friday broken and leaking; the only button on my phone stopped working rendering the phone unuseable; and yesterday I was notified that my shipment of bubble solution for the first 45 shows was being held by Indonesian Customs, unlikely to clear before my shows.


But sure enough, with patience and a bit of determination, all these things got resolved before today’s 4 o’clock taxi to Heathrow airport. I managed to fix my light table, I procured a new phone, and whilst I couldn’t do anything about Indonesian customs, I did manage to make some more bubble mix to replace it. But this would have to come with me as excess baggage.


Saying goodbye to my family… that couldn’t be resolved, at least not for 5 weeks. The look on their little faces made the stone in my hear get bigger and bought tears to my eyes.


5 weeks. 85 shows split between Jakarta and Abu Dhabi, followed by another 15 in Hong Kong later in August. Brings it to a total of 100 shows. 5 weeks seems like a long time… Jasmine looked into my eyes and asked me “Do you want to go Daddy?” “No. If I could, I’d stay here with you all the time.”  But I’m the bread winner. And that’s what I’m doing. Making bread.


Reuben was harder still. Though I’ve been preparing them for my upcoming trip for a while, (showing them where I’m going on a globe etc), I don’t think he’d quite grasped it till it was actually time for me to leave. My little man… At 3 years old, I think it’s the first time he’s really grasped the concept of me going away.



Thankfully, they had gymnastics to go to, which I heard from Roanne later, made it easier, but it will be tough, of course for me, and Roanne too. We’ll skype, and I’m planning to do it at dinner-time, so I will hopefully get more of the kids attention.


5 weeks…


35 days sounds better.


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Happy bubbling!

Samsam Bubbleman