November 23rd 2012

 Spent the afternoon learning how to update our BUBBLE WEBSITE! So amazingly happy to have a website i can update! If i can figure out how to work the remote control.... oops. That's for the telly. 

No seriously folks, there's now all kinds of new bubble info going up on the site! I'm especially happy with the "BUBBLE SONGS" section which has the greatest songs about bubbles with links to hear all our favourite bubble tunes. Ever wondered what's on a bubbleologists Ipod?

AND, all new FLICKR galleries! There's one JUST for people INSIDE bubbles! And another one with great pictures of our award winning stall! It's starting to be a website i'm properly proud of! 

How about you? What would you like to see on a bubble website?

Let us know through our facebook page.

Me? I'm off for a Dark & Stormy.

Happy bubbling!

Samsam Bubbleman

Written by Sam Heath • November 23, 2012

Day in the life of a Bubbleologist

Autumn's generally our quieter time of year, but once it get's to November, Christmas season begins! We already went out to our first Christmas Fair at Olympia, and opened Harrods Xmas season by appearing in their parade. I like the Harrod gig... despite it being a bit early to start christmas, bubbles at a parade go down SOOOO well! We've done it every year for the last 6 years - filling the skies with bubbles at every Knightsbridge street corner! It starts at 8am, so we have to be there by 6.30 (we do this gig with a team of 4 Bubbleologists) and it's all over by 9am! 

Meanwhile, back in Bubble Inc hq.. a new enquiry comes in for a tv commercial! Great gig to land - bringing bubbles to any kind of production is really exciting, and the film world has become a regular thing for us - this would be the 4th commercial we've been involved in this year. 

So the good news.... the product and company are 'clean' (!), it's pretty straightforward (basically just a BIG bubble they want (i can use the Bubble Inc new Super-duper-loop - see, and it'll be shown in UK and Australia! 

Money's ok, but this time they want me to appear in it, and it's a flat fee rather than an appearance fee (where you get paid each time it's shown). Sooo, the big question is whether i have them make me less recogniseable  and do it icognito, or risk being left out of future commercial projects by doing it as myself.... on the other hand, doing it as myself would be good publicity in itself...

What would you do? (answers on a postcard please!).

Happy bubbling!

Written by Sam Heath • November 23, 2012

Welcome to the brand new Bubble Inc website!

Each week/month, we'll be telling you what we’re up to, where we’re performing and giving you loads of FREE tips, techniques, hints and stories from the bubbletastic world of Samsam and Bubble Inc! ...Stay tuned!

Written by Sam Heath • July 21, 2012