Bubble Blowing Whale

Portable toy bubble machine!

* Shoots 1000's of bubbles high into the air!

* Cute animal shaped machine

* Take it anywhere - portable device


This Bubble Blowing Whale is perfect for kids of all ages!

Throws huge amounts of bubbles out of it's blow hole and you can use it anywhere you like! Indoors, in the garden, at the beach, at parties...


Here at Bubble Inc, we know that by using the right solution you'll maximise the quantity and quality of your bubbles. That's why we highly recommend our 5 litre  Pro Bubble Fluid, not only to produce the highest quantity/quality of bubbles possible, but also to minimise and wetness under the machine. The 1.5 litre regular solution also works well in this machine - both are available in the "Bubble Solutions" section.

Requires 4 x AA size batteries.

4oz Bubble solution - included

Age 3+


Requires:  4x C Batteries

Age 3+