Bubble Hat - smallest bubble machine in the world!

Take bubbles with you 'wear-ever' you go, with this ultra cool Bubble Hat!

Exclusive to Bubble Inc, this has to be the worlds SMALLEST bubble machine! Seriously teeny! It fits snugly into the top of the hat and is then hidden by a 'topper.' Fill up the bubble machine with liquid, replace the plug (to stop it dripping) and switch it on! A fountain of bubbles will erupt from the top of your head like never seen before!


Samsam Bubbleman says: "I was so excited to find this new design. I have an old similar toy in my vintage bubble collection dating back to the 1960's. It claimed to be a bubble hat but actually looked more like a mini submarine [see below].

One of the funniest bubble toys ever made!  You fill it with bubble mix, strap it to your head, and blow through a tube to create a mini fountain of bubbles erupting from a part of your body that bubbles do not normally erupt! I literally found myself laughing outloud when i tried it, even when i realised that bubble solution was spilling down the side of my head!

Thankfully this new version does not spill! 

Top tip - I sanded and spray painted mine black for that uber-cool look."


Comes in a variety of colourful designs - bound to make you a hit at any party!

Requires 4 x aa batteries (included) and bubble solution (not included - the best solution for this is here)