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How to make a frozen bubble using a deep freeze

Alternatively, long-lasting soap bubbles can be made by lowering the temperature of the bubbles. High temperatures will make the water in the soap bubbles evaporate faster. Therefore the bubbles will generally have a shorter lifetime at higher temperatures. Many people think of making soap bubbles as a summer activity, but a hot summer day can be a problem for the life span of the bubbles. The dependence of the bubble life span on temperature becomes obvious, if one tries to put a soap bubble into a preheated oven.

As a soap film is mostly composed of water it can of course be frozen. This can be used as a strategy for making long-lasting bubbles. It is very interesting to make soap bubbles in extremely cold weather, because the bubbles can freeze, while they are falling through the air. If you are lucky, the bubbles will land on the ground without breaking. See it for yourself in this movie: http://www.muft.tv/watch/Video,Item,701061698.html (Sorry that you are forced to watch a commercial when watching the movie clip)

It is still possible to freeze a soap bubble even if you do not live north of the polar circle. Make a small holder for your bubble from a wire and dip it into a bubble mixture. Now blow a bubble on the holder, and place it carefully in a freezer. After a minute the bubble will be frozen. A frozen bubble can last for a long time. When it is kept below 0 degrees Celsius, the evaporation from the bubble will almost be stopped and it will not break. But if you remove it from the freezer it will melt quickly, and in this process it will almost certainly break.

You can make a hole in the frozen bubbles with your finger without breaking the whole bubble. You can also grab the frozen bubble with your hands and experience when it immediately melts.

USING A DEEP FREEZE - Long Lasting Soap Bubbles