Wonderweb Bubble Net Pack (large)

Our Wonderweb bubble net is the most amazing bubble toy in the UNIVERSE! Concieved by Samsam Bubbleman back in 2006, this version was developed by us for use throughout the stadium during London's 2012 Opening Olympic Ceremony!

Nothing comes close to matching this toy for pure excitement, unbounded creativity, unbelievable amounts of fun and billions of awesome bubbles! Everybody loves how easy it is to use and how creative you can be with it! Kids of all ages can make the most beautiful bubble displays imaginable! It’s so simple! Dip the netting into the bubble solution, wave it around and look on with magical wonder at your fantastic billion-dollar bubble show!

SPECIAL OFFER! The Wonderweb bubble net pack comes complete with a 500ml bottle of our unique, Guinness World Record-holding Supapop bubble solution and a FREE, Bubble Inc bucket!



Includes:  FREE Bubble Bucket and 500ml Supapop!