Portable Mini-Pro Bubble Machine - battery or mains!

New model now in!

Fantastic entry-range Pro-Bubble-Machine with loads of extra features! Ideal for parties and private events this machine will wow guests with upto 3,000 beautiful bubbles per minute!

This well-designed, lightweight machine offers fantastic portability, with an impressive bubble 'throw' of 3 to 4 meters. Featuring a 0.5 litre reservoir it allows the machine to produce bubbles continuously for up to 30 minutes from a full tank. It has a built-in carry handle, can be propped up by it's stand to change the elevation  and can either be powered by batteries (8 x AA) for total portability or 12v adaptor to plug into the mains. These are not supplied with the machine, but available from us using the drop-down menu below.


Here at Bubble Inc, we know that by using the right solution you'll maximise the quantity and quality of your bubbles. That's why we highly recommend our 5 litre  Pro Bubble Fluid, not only to produce the highest quantity/quality of bubbles possible, but also to minimise and wetness under the machine. The 1 litre regular solution also works well in this machine.

Alternatively for no extra cost try our UV bubble fluid!

  • Weight - 750g
  • Dimensions - 170 x 230 x 125mm
  • Tank size - 0.5 litre

Here's a little test we did on the machine in our office. Check out how many bubbles it makes!

Please note VAT will be added to the price of this machine.