BUBBLISER! - World's best Bubble Gun!



This automatic SPILL-PROOF bubble gun is the BEST BUBBLE GUN in the world! Brilliant for all ages - from 3 to 300 (see pics), this nifty little device is a bubble machine that fits in the palm of your hand.

Fantastic fun during the day but use it at night and it truly transforms into the most un-bubble-believable bubble gun ever!

LED Bubble Gun

You won’t believe your eyes as every single one of the millions of bubbles is illuminated thanks to the UV LED lights on the front that makes your bubbles really dazzle when you pull the trigger! You won't believe how many bubbles are created with every pull on the trigger - check this out below


Available in Pink or Blue, green or yellow. For the perfect party/stocking filler/night out, screw the entire bottle of bubble solution into the bottom of the bubble gun (meaning no spill!) and shoot continuous streams of sparkly bubbles into the air!

"Samsam's bubble guns are great! All the others were so flimsy in comparison." Ms J Dewhurst

Samsam says "This is the best bubble gun in the world and will give you tons of fun no matter what age you are! Groundbreaking in its design with a screw-in bottle, the volume of bubbles it creates is nothing short of remarkable! As it's spillproof too, this toy is so mobile and we take it out with us wherever we go - parties, gigs, the beach, traffic jams..! Here's a cool pic one of our customers took of them from Glastonbury festival. Happy bubbling!

Note:  The toy will drip a little, especially if it's left with the bottle on and tipped over. We recommend you unscrew the bottle and put the lid back on when not in use.


This toy comes with two bottles of solution - for best results after use our regular medium bubble solution (click on the highlighted words to go to the products). It also requires 3 x aa batteries (we recommend Duracell in this particular toy - available here)

Happy bubbling!

Includes:  2x 100ml solution included

Requires:  The bubble gun needs 2 x AA batteries (not included)

Age 3+