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duff show!

There’s always one duff gig… in a run of 50 or so, there’s likely to be I guess. Yesterday’s 5pm show was it. To start with, 5 minutes before I was due to go on, I was informed of a tv crew wanting to interview me. I like doing interviews normally, but I prefer to be told that they’re happening in advance.

The interview went ok, although I noted I felt a bit off my bubble (nothing to do with going out the night before…. !)

Then the gig began and everything seemed to go wrong in it. My solution which I use for doing ‘hand’ bubbling (using hands as a bubble tool) had turned and all the bubbles popped. What can you do? I carried on best I could, smiled and shrugged it off.


In the next section I do this trick with an umbrella – I use it like a blade or fan to waft the air and manipulate the bubbles to move around or twist them into spirals. So this time, I grab the umbrealla and do my first move … plonk. I catch the rim of my hat and it flies off and lands on the ground in front of me. Audience laughs. Ho hum.


Next there’s this little boy, I think his name is Justin. Actually he’s very sweet little kid – I put him in a bubble last week, and now he comes to every show he can persuade his mum to bring him to. He must have learnt my show backwards and now he starts to shout out what was going to happen before every trick to everyone he can, as loud as he can! I think he’s doing it because he’s proud he knows something the rest of the audience don’t, or wants to tell me how much he’s learnt from the shows. Or maybe he just wants to show off to the other kids. Who knows ? I try to tell him to shush but when I go to pretend to drink my bubble solution (so I can try to blow bubbles out of my ears!), he gives away the punchline and shouts out “IT”S ONLY WATER”


The People in Bubbles routine was a bit shabby it was fine,… the kids I chose weren’t as much fun as I thought they’d be when they were jumping ;up and down to go in a bubble, and I couldn’t figure out how to make it funny. Just one of those days I guess.


Into the last section, the Bubble Party where we get lots of kids dancing in thousands of bubbles. I get them warmed up and just as the music kicks in, I go to grab the first bit of kit, and slip on stage, falling flat on my bottom!

And the tv crew caught every unglorious moment of it!


My family come tomorrow! Can't wait to see them!