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Bubbleology for hire!

For the most innovative and creative bubble shows and bubble performances you’ll ever see, look no further than Samsam Bubbleman and his team of Bubbleologists!

TWELVE x Guinness World Record breaker - Samsam Bubbleman - and his highly skilled team of Bubbleologists perform their unique brand of 'Bubbleology' at bubble shows, parties and events throughout the UK and worldwide. From children's parties and weddings to corporate events, our jaw-dropping bubble entertained is guaranteed to be a massive hit! We can perform "mix and mingle" walkabouts, as well as mesmerising bubble stage shows and fascinating bubble workshops.

Trained by Samsam Bubbleman himself, our internationally-renowned team of bubbleologists use a huge range of exciting bubble tricks to wow, delight and enchant audiences of all ages and of any size... the teeniest bubbles, humungous bubbles the size of a whale, square bubbles, everlasting bubbles you can touch and catch, bubble caterpillars, bubbles filled with smoke. And, they will even put you and your guests inside giant bubbles!

All our bubbleologists carry DBS certificates, are super-talented and reliable and, whether your event is in London or Aberdeen, Dubai or Timbuktoo, we'll ensure that your event or party will be packed full of awe inspiring bubble-licious fun!

To enquiry or find out more about the bubble magic we can create for your event, please call 020 8350 0362 or email us at info@bubbleinc.co.uk