Shopping Malls

Dazzling entertainment to bring people in their droves, coming to a mall near you! 

We are very aware quite how popular our GIANT Bubble Shows can be in attracting large numbers of people to the venue of your choice, and creating an atmosphere of fun and impulsiveness that benefits all the businesses involved. Wherever you are around the world, we have performed at malls throughout the world including China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Indonesia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Austria, UK, Qatar, and the Lebanon and experienced wonderful reactions from all people throughout the world.

Bubbles have an incredible UNIVERSAL appeal that covers all ages, creeds and cultures and will inspire and excite whatever your target market!


Generally we find stage shows to be the most successful way to promote your mall. Shows typically last between 20 - 45 minutes repeated two to three times daily, and include a mixture of incredible bubble tricks (square bubbles, caterpillar bubbles, the tiniest bubbles in the world) to awesome giant bubble displays, and we end up selecting a few special lucky members of the audience to be put inside giant bubbles!

Drop us a line at for a list of our requirements and more information about how we can make your mall a success above all others!


Also popular, these help bring passing trade into your mall/store simply by people coming to see where the bubbles are coming from, and then inspiring them by a dazzling display of incredible never-seen-before bubble tricks!