Luxury hand made wooden bubble pots! - Bubble Inc

Luxury hand made wooden bubble pots!

The most beautiful bubble pots in the whole world!

A gift of love! These hand-carved, limited edition wooden bubble pots are made from the root of Thuja wood, by a family of artisans in Essaouira, a Moroccan city on the Atlantic coast. Choose from two stunning designs, and because they...
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Luxury Silver Bubble Wand - Bubble Inc

Luxury Silver Bubble Wand

A gift of love! Designed and created by our own Bubble Maestro, Samsam Bubbleman!  These silver plated wands are a testament to our love and vision of bubbles. Beautifully designed and are produced in limited quantities but they still blow... Find out more £24.99
Vintage Bubble Postcards - Bubble Inc

Vintage Bubble Postcards

Choose from a selection of beautifully illustrated vintage-style postcards to send to your friends to tell them all about the bubble world of SamSam Bubbleman and how you are a master Bubbleologist!   Find out more £0.50
Amazing Metal Bubble - Bubble Inc

Amazing Metal Bubble

*Amaze your friends! *Precision made *Great gift   This curious object creates the illusion of a bubble:  Place the sprung ball (actually 28 feet of woven metal ribbon!) over your arm and watch it spin. As it gathers speed, it... Find out more £9.99
Recycled Bubble Windmill - Bubble Inc

Recycled Bubble Windmill

This is a genuinely unique work of art for your garden and instantly becomes a talking point! The recycled bubble windmill is handmade by artists who work with recycled products so no two windmills can ever be exactly the same! ... Find out more £59.99
Fire Bubble Kit - make bubbles that explode! - Bubble Inc

Fire Bubble Kit - make bubbles that explode!

Want to amaze your friends?

Are you ready to ignite your imagination and see bubbles in a whole new light? Fire bubbles are the most amazing thing you’ll ever see and they take the wonderful world of bubbles into a cosmic dimension! Everyone who sees these...
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Age Adult supervision suggested 18+
Bubble Bumper Stickers - Bubble Inc

Bubble Bumper Stickers

Bubble your ride with the awesome black and silver ‘Bubbles not Bombs’ and our pink and black ‘Bubble Bimbo’ bumper stickers and make sure everyone on the street knows you’re a real Bubbleologist!   Find out more £2.00
Bubbleologist Tags with Lanyard - Bubble Inc

Bubbleologist Tags with Lanyard

This tag turns you into an official approved Bubbleologist in our Bubble Club! Fill it in with your name, your awesome bubble skills and where you bubbled and your friends will be astounded, and a little bit jealous!   Find out more £2.99
Bubble Inc Postcards - Bubble Inc

Bubble Inc Postcards

The perfect excuse to write to your friends and tell them how un-bubble-believable SamSam Bubbleman and his bubble world are! Choose from three great pictures – SamSam Bubbleman with a Guinness World Record breaking bubble, a stylised, moody night time... Find out more £0.50
3d Bubble "Love" glasses! - Bubble Inc

3d Bubble "Love" glasses!

*Rainbow hearts will magically appear! *Fireworks are UNBELIEVEABLE with these!  * Can be used with or without bubbles!   Want more love in the world? Simply put the glasses on, and look at the lights! Rainbow hearts will magically appear... Find out more £2.99
Bubble Hat - smallest bubble machine in the world! - Bubble Inc

Bubble Hat - smallest bubble machine in the world!

* World's Tiniest Bubble machine * Spill-proof *100's of bubbles from your head Take bubbles with you 'wear-ever' you go, with this ultra cool Bubble Hat! Exclusive to Bubble Inc, this has to be the worlds SMALLEST bubble machine! Seriously... Find out more £16.99
Wind-powered bubble machine! - Bubble Inc

Wind-powered bubble machine!

Glorious! We LOVE this new bubble machine! One of a kind - this windmill device can be hung or placed up high on your garden fence and oh! What a lot of bubbles! The wind turns the windmill which is... Find out more £54.99
Original 1960''s VINTAGE bubble pipes! - Bubble Inc

Original 1960''s VINTAGE bubble pipes!

F'real! A testament to our incredible range of bubble toys - we've got our hands on a limited amount of stock of genuine vintage bubble pipes from the 1960's, complete in their original packaging - a real piece of bubble... Find out more £9.99
Bubble Diamonds - Bubble Inc

Bubble Diamonds

*Great for weddings and parties! *Can be used instead of confetti * Bubbles with a silver sparkle! These diamonds don’t cost thousands, but they do make thousands,... of bubbles! Delightful as individual gifts, or as table decorations at weddings, kids... Find out more from £27.00
Beautiful wooden eco bubble wands/ toy set with tray - Bubble Inc

Beautiful wooden eco bubble wands/ toy set with tray

  Ah, check out this BEAUTIFUL Japanese set of 3 wooden bubble wands and tray!  For all those searching for a meaningful gift or an alternative to plastic bubble wands, Bubble Inc presents this magical toy set guaranteed to delight... Find out more £18.99