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Bubble Tips 'n' Tricks!

Bubble Inc - Bubble Tips

So you want to know more about bubbles? Hooray! Our work is done! You're on a path and nothing can come between you and your next biggest ever bubble!

Below are some more bubble tips and tricks, and you can see more on our very own Bubble Tutorial video made by our very own head Bubbleologist, Samsam Bubbleman himself for BBC1's Blue Peter tv show!



Ahhh,... bubbles. Floating weightless balls of light and full of magic. We make it our aim to fill the world up with bubbles and know that more bubbles, is what the world needs. What follows is some helpful hints to help you on your way to become a budding bubblologist, and help us fulfil our dream.

The number one place to start if you're going to make bubbles is with your BUBBLE SOLUTION. You could have the greatest bubble toy in the world, but without good juice, you ain't gonna bubble. On the other hand, you could have no bubble toy, but some great juice - no problem! Make your own toys out of a coat-hanger and some string, an empty 6pack holder, or the inside of a cardboard tube! It's all in the mix.

There is a recipe here on our website to make your own mix from washing up liquid, but for sure, you're better off with some proper bubble solution. That's why we suggest you use our professional bubble juice. Try it. You'll see the difference.

Right! Next! Breath control is a good place to start. You will find that you will be able to make small bubbles by brining the wand closer to your lips. Not too close though! It doesn't taste good!Increase the distance, blow a little slower and you will be able to make a much bigger bubble.

Bubbles from bubbles
Blow a big bubble and launch it into the air with your final breath. Whilst in the air, blow the side and turn one bubble into 3!

Bubbles inside of bubbles
See if you can catch a big bubble on the end of the wand. Hold it from the top and by blowing a little "P" sound at the middle you can create a little bubble inside. It takes some practise, but is a great trick!

Bouncing bubbles
Certain clothes are soft enough to be able to bounce bubbles off. Fleeces work well as does velvet. See how many times you can bounce! They move in slow motion like playing with a ball on the moon!

Bubble Domes
Take an oven tray and cover the area you would put your cakes in with bubble solution. Try to make the whole thing wet. This is your bubble pallet. use a wand or straw, or any blowing device and put a bubble 'dome' on your pallet. Add some more here or there, and see what you can get. It's a great way of experimenting and the bubbles look really cool against the black of the tray. Check out those swirling colours and see what happens when you blow on the surface!

Straw work
Hold the wand in front of you at eye level, about a foot away from your eyes (whatever feels comfortable), and make sure it's been dipped recently so it's wet. Take an ordainary drinking straw and dip it in bubble mix. Blow a bubble using the straw onto the bottom of the wand so it hangs down in front of you. See if you can add another to the bottom of this first bubble. Once you've done this, you should be able to see a flat film where the two bubbles join. Start adding bubbles here. Experiment. If you can try to make them the same size. Try to add another 4 bubbles of similar size to the first 2 along this flat plane and you will be on the edge of making a square bubble! Well, actually it's a cube. To get the bubble "cube" make sure the straw is wet, and poke it into the middle of your 6 bubbles. Blow a little bubble here, make it a bit bigger, ....slowly... pull the straw out,... slowly....! and there you have it! A cubed bubble! [new para] Sraw work is great, and is really about 'sculpting' bubbles. You can try all sorts of things - see if you can make a chain of bubbles, also known as a caterpillar. You will need to practise removing the straw from the bubble, but that's where the fun is!

Don't forget to play whilst you learn!