The secret to bubble making is really in the quality of your bubble juice, so really we recommend trying some of our Regular Bubble Solution (for small to mid size bubbles), or Supapop for giant bubbles. You'll REALLY notice the difference. Wind and humidity can affect any bubble solution enormously, so for best results, early mornings or evenings are best, and after rain is superb!

However, should you find yourself in a bubble emergency and need to mix up a home brew of bubble juice here's how to do it! First of all, put some newspaper down on the floor around where your mixing your juice, as this can get a bit messy! Take 1 part Green Fairy (not yellow) 10 parts water, and 3 parts glycerine (available from your local pharmacy). The glycerine is optional, but will help the bubbles to last longer. Mix it all up so the thick glycerine is diluted into the mix, but don't make it too foamy.

Ideally, it is best to use soft water, and even better to leave the solution to mix overnight. Soap can dry out your skin, so if you get your hands wet, give them a good wash in warm water when you're done.

Also, remember, you don’t want foam - it is the enemy of bubbles and will make your solution weaker. So when you mix it, don't stir too hard. If you do get lots of foam, simply scoop it out.


Home made bubble juice recipe:
1 cup of green fairy
9 cups water  
1 tbsp glycerine (optional) available from chemist.


  • ALWAYS put the cap back on! Spilt bubbles are sad bubbles.
  • Foam isn’t good for bubbles. so never shake a bottle of bubbles and try to get a clean dip.
  • Remember - anything that isn't wet will pop the bubble.
  • For little bubbles, hold the wand close to your lips. For bigger bubbles hold it father away and blow slower.
  • Experiment with a regular drinking straw with your wand. Hold the bubble steady with the wand and use the straw to create bubble houses and shapes. Just remember not to suck!
  • Don't worry, you can't blow an ugly bubble!
  • Even if you don’t have any bubble toys, you can still have great fun. Use the recipe above to make some juice, and then see what you can find in the house to make some bubbles. Try a coat hanger, or the inside tube from a kitchen roll. Best of all, try your hands - dip them in your bubble juice, make an "o" shape with your thumb and first finger, and blow. This way you can touch the bubble yourself without it popping!

Please note - we cannot guarantee this bubble solution will work in your toys/machines. To guarantee fantastic bubbles, please browse the Bubble Solution section of our online store.