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Bubble Solution Recipes

The secret to bubble making is really in the quality of your bubble juice - you can have the best bubble toy in the world but without decent bubble liquid, it isn't going to perform well.

That's why we highly recommend using some of our Regular Bubble Solution (for small to mid size bubbles), or our GUINESS WORLD RECORD holding Supapop concentrate - You'll REALLY notice the difference!

However, should you find yourself in a 'Bubble Emergency' and need to mix up a home brew of bubble juice here's our very own Samsam Bubbleman - TWELVE times Guinness World Record breaking 'bubbleologist' - with a couple of recipes on how to do it! 


Hi everyone!

Bubbles are a GREAT way of playing either on your own or with your friends and family. Everyone loves breathing life into bubbles and they're great to share!

Before you start, put some newspaper or an old rug down on the floor around where you're mixing your juice, as this can get a bit messy. And give your hands a good wash in warm water when you're done as the soap can dry out your skin.

Next, a word on your ingredients!

  1. Water: in most cases tap water is fine. Filtered water is better. Rain water is better again. 
  2. Dish-soap: some brands work better than others: Here in the UK, green Fairy Original works well. If in EU, use Dreft. If in USA, try Dawn. Palmolive works well too. If none of these are available in your country, look for a high quality (normally higher priced) brand of dish soap, without any extra scents or special ingredients.

Recipe #1

  • 50ml dish-soap 
  • 450ml warm water
  • 150ml glycerine (optional but will help the bubbles to last a lot longer. Available online or at your local pharmacy)

You will also need a measuring jug and a spatular.

Mix all the ingredients together slowly and carefully so the thicker glycerine and dish soap is fully mixed, but try to avoid it getting too foamy. Foam is the enemy of bubbles and will make your solution weaker. If you do get lots of foam, simply scoop it out and put it in the sink.

Recipe #2

  • 450ml warm water
  • 25ml dish soap 
  • 2 tsp white or brown sugar
Mix the water with the sugar and stir it in till it's dissolved, then add the dish-soap
For mixing, follow the ideas suggested above in Recipe #1.
Glycerine will also help this recipe to make longer lasting bubbles.


  • Breathe and relax! In the words of my bubble guru - the great bubbleologist Tom Noddy 'You can't blow an ugly bubble!'
  • ALWAYS put the lid back on! Spilt bubbles are sad bubbles.
  • Foam isn’t good for bubbles. so never shake a bottle of bubbles.  Try to get a 'clean' foam-free dip with whatever wand you're using.
  • Remember - anything that isn't wet will pop the bubble.
  • For smaller bubbles, hold the wand close to your lips and blow fast. For bigger bubbles hold it father away and blow slower.
  • Experiment using a regular drinking straw with your wand - use the straw to MAKE the bubble and the wand to HOLD the bubble. See if you can add more bubbles to create different shapes.  Just remember not to suck!
  • Even if you don’t have any bubble toys, you can still have great fun! Use the recipe above to make some juice, and then see what you can find in the house to make some bubbles. Try a coat hanger, or the inside tube from a kitchen roll. Best of all, try your hands - dip them in your bubble juice, make an "o" shape with your thumb and first finger, and blow. This way you can touch the bubble yourself without it popping!

Please note - we cannot guarantee the quality of these recipes or that they will work in your toys/machines. To guarantee fantastic bubbles, please browse the Bubble Solution section of our online store. 

Happy bubbling!

Samsam Bubbleman