"Bubbles are like people - they're unpredictable" - Eiffel Plasterer

"You can't blow an ugly bubble" - Tom Noddy

"Bubbles? What do i want with bubbles! I'm the prince of darkness!" Ozzy Ozbourne

"I'm more of a bubble - man really" Ken Livingstone



Ever wanted to be able to say bubble in 28 different languages?!
Thanks to those who already sent some in, and if you've got any more, please email them to - info@bubbleinc.co.uk - Happy bubbling!

Language Word
American Sign Language click here
Dutch Bellen
English Bubble
Finnish Kupla
French Bulles de savon
German Seifenblasen
Greek Foss-kiss
Hebrew Bu-ot
Icelandic Sowpu coolur
Irish Bolgan
Italian Bolle di sapone
Japanese Shabong doma
Korean Binu Bangul
Kuwait Fuq-ahr-art
Mandarin Pao pao
Moroccan N fach o
Palestinian Arab Fa-ah-e-ah Saboney
Polish Banki
Portugeuse Bolas de sabao
Serbian Sapunski mechoor
Sesotho (Lesotho) De-bach-o
Slovakian Bubbleinci
Spanish Burburjas
Thai Luke Pong
Tibetan Boa
Tunisian De bol
Vietnamese Bong bóng xà phòng
Welsh Swigod
Xhosa (South African tribe) Ama-qombo