YES! That's RIGHT! BUBBLES YOU CAN EAT!!! In any flavour you like!

The Bubble pots come half filled with our special edible mixture - then you add in any drink, yes ANY drink to flavour the bubbles!

  • Simply add your favourite beverage to the red fill line. Mix gently by swirling the wand in a circular motion for about 10 seconds or gently flipping the bottle back and forth with the cap closed 10 times. Then blow bubbles and lick tasty bubbles!
  • You can't use any thick drink like milk, however squash works great, but you can use anything from apply juice to Pepsi (Yes mums and dads even Gin and tonic!)
  • Contains four bottles with wands- you can make a different flavour with each pot

Simply blow the bubbles just as you would any normal bubbles, except these ones, you can catch them on your tongue and they taste like sweets!

Less than 1 calorie/ bubble...

Edible bubble solution is non-toxic, and contains no dyes.  It is kept in a sealed packet for freshness. The ingredients are naturally allergen and gluten free, though they are packaged in a factory that also handles dairy, wheat, eggs and soy. and are made from at least 98% water with the remainder made up of plant extracts, flavourings, sweetener, preservatives and Sodium Laurel Sulphate (also found in most toothpastes). 

Do not drink the bubble solution, it's way too sweet to drink just stick to eating bubbles!

Age: 5+