Simply blow the bubbles just as you would any normal bubbles, except these ones, you can catch them on your tongue and they taste like sweets!

Imagine the fun as you and your friends try to Eat-a-bubble! You can't help but laugh, and they taste sooooo good!

Choose from:

  • Grape
  • Bubble gum
  • Green Apple
  • Candy Floss

Less than 1 calorie/ bubble...

All delivered from our lovely "Eddy"-ble purple alien! Squeeze him and his tongue POPS out! 

Also available: Refil packs - want to try our other flavours? Click here to view our special offer refill packs (no wand). Refil packs available for a limited time only, in Grape, Cherry or Tutti Frutti

Edible bubble solution is non-toxic, and contains no dyes.  It is kept in a sealed packet for freshness. The ingredients are naturally allergen and gluten free, though they are packaged in a factory that also handles dairy, wheat, eggs and soy. and are made from at least 98% water with the remainder made up of plant extracts, flavourings, sweetener, preservatives and Sodium Laurel Sulphate (also found in most toothpastes). 

Pack contains 1 x Eddy-bubble bottle with blowing wand, and 20ml of special bubble fluid.

Do not drink the bubble solution. 

VAT will be added to the price of this product. 

Age: 5+