Any flavour EDIBLE bubbles!

Looking for an AMAZING new never-seen-before feature to run alongside your event?

How about a UNIQUE way for your clients to experience your brand?

Look no further! We can create bubbles that your guests can EAT.... in ANY flavour you want! From Cola to Champagne flavoured bubbles and anything in between! It doesn't have to be alcoholic! 

Ideally we request a minimum of 1 week's notice to create your unique flavour of edible bubble solution, then simply pour it into your bubble machine, and let your guests find their inner bubble. We can also provide you with a range of bubble machines suitable to your event - Click here for a remote controlled machine that we recommend.

This product has had rigorous testing and is completely safe. Beyond that, this product is BRAND NEW and you will be one of the first to have it!

We've previously made Cherry Coke flavour bubbles for a Pepsi installation and have also mixed flavours for events including Guinness, Gordons Gin and Tonic, Captain Morgan's Rum and Coke, and Malibu flavoured bubbles

Remember, you saw it here first! A unique and exciting way for your clients to create a whole new way of experiencing your brand, or simply to have a whole lot of fun! Laughs are guaranteed! 

Price on Application - please write to us at: