Bubble Hat - smallest bubble machine in the world! - Bubble Inc

Bubble Hat - smallest bubble machine in the world!

* World's Tiniest Bubble machine * Spill-proof *100's of bubbles from your head Take bubbles with you 'wear-ever' you go, with this ultra cool Bubble Hat! Exclusive to Bubble Inc, this has to be the worlds SMALLEST bubble machine! Seriously... Find out more £16.99
Smoke Solution - 5 litre - Bubble Inc

Smoke Solution - 5 litre

Our high performance smoke bubble solution has been specially formulated to be long lasting and fill billions of bubbles beautifully. This non-toxic, water/glycerine based fluid that leaves no residue.  Please note - this fluid will not make bubbles - please... Find out more £19.99
Samsam Bubbleman! - Bubble Inc

Samsam Bubbleman!

Samsam Bubbleman the most famous bubbleologist in the whole wide WORLD with an astounding TWELVE Guinness World Records!

Samsam Bubbleman's bubble adventure began waaay back in 1989 following his "bubble epiphany" whilst watching a bubble float across a field. Bubbling became a hobby, learning tricks, collecting toys and experimenting with different mixes until the year 2000 when he...
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Miss Adora-bubble! - Bubble Inc

Miss Adora-bubble!

Fun-loving and theatrical, Miss Bubblicious, our beautiful bubble girl is available for your event and she will enthral you with her bubbly personality and her incredible bubble magic.

Miss Adora-bubble will delight both children and adults with her charm and joie de vivre! Her speciality is on outdoor events and has a wealth of experience spreading over 10 years in the business. And an eye for dressing up! Her costumes...
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Bubblina! - Bubble Inc


Bubblina's bubble shows will fill you with a sense of dreams, wonder and magic! Her skills and manipulation of soap bubbles will fascinate you as much as her ability to interact and create joy with her audience. Perfect for corporate events,... Find out more £0.00
Bubble Jay - Bubble Inc

Bubble Jay

Based in the South of England, Bubble Jay is a superb and uniquely talented Bubbleologist who's indoor bubble show will amaze the whole family.  Step into an interactive bubble world and be dazzled by spellbinding bubbles of all shapes and sizes!... Find out more £0.00
Bubble Max 500! - Bubble Inc

Bubble Max 500!

There is a lot more to bubbles than most realise and Bubble Max 500's "Amazing Bubble Show" will blow you away! Smoke bubbles, square bubbles, bubble art, people in bubbles and more and more and more! No matter what age, your inner... Find out more £0.00
Bella Bubbles! - Bubble Inc

Bella Bubbles!

Whether she is filling the skies with clouds of giant bubbles at festivals, or creating delicate smoke-filled bubble scuptures at private parties, Bella Bubbles shares her love of bubbles with every audience of every age! She has made bubbles all... Find out more £0.00
Sophi Bubble - Bubble Inc

Sophi Bubble

If imagination and magic are your thing, then look no further than Sophi Bubble. She will delight your audience with her inner bubble! Sophi has been working with Bubble Inc since 2011 and even by Bubble Inc's standards, she brings... Find out more £0.00
Lady Bubbles - Bubble Inc

Lady Bubbles

Lady Bubbles has a long background as an actor and performer and has been working with Bubble Inc since 2009. Delight in her charm and finesse, Lady Bubbles is not called Lady Bubbles for nothing. Her bubble skills are wide... Find out more £0.00
The Bubble Fairy! - Bubble Inc

The Bubble Fairy!

Based in the midlands, the Bubble Fairy is perfect for all kinds of events - watch as she magically appears and spontaneously entertains all with her mysterious and mischevious manner! Square bubbles, giant bubbles and incredible bubble blowing tricks that... Find out more £0.00
The Bubble Wizard's MAGIC SHOW! - Bubble Inc

The Bubble Wizard's MAGIC SHOW!

Looking for another great show? Want more than one performance at your event? Now you can save money by combining your incredible bubble show with an incredible magic show too! The Bubble Wizard has over 10 years experience as a... Find out more £0.00
The Bubble Wizard - Bubble Inc

The Bubble Wizard

With his incredible ability to bring the magic out of bubbles, The Bubble Wizard will wow, thrill and amaze you! Whether he's performing his bubble wizardry during an interactive corporate walkabout in London or at a party in the Middle... Find out more £0.00
Samsam's Guinness World Record GIANT BUBBLE STAGE SHOW! - Bubble Inc

Samsam's Guinness World Record GIANT BUBBLE STAGE SHOW!

 "The Willy Wonka of bubbles!" Chris Evans, BBC Samsam Bubbleman's great new GIANT Bubble Show has been performed to 100'000's around the world and is suitable for all kinds of venues, from private events to theme parks, shopping malls to... Find out more £0.00
Other Bubbleologists - Bubble Inc

Other Bubbleologists

Calling all Bubbleologists!

We have a bubble hotline straight to a team of super talented Bubbleologists up and down the country. Whether you need 20 Bubbleologists to perform to a crowd in Aberdeen or two bubblers to blow your party away in Brighton,...
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Miss Bubblicious! - Bubble Inc

Miss Bubblicious!

Fun-loving and theatrical, Miss Bubblicious, our beautiful bubble girl is available for your event and she will enthral you with her bubbly personality and her incredible bubble magic.

Miss Bubblicious is fabulous at entertaining both children and adults with her bubbles. With oodles of performance experience spreading over 10 years in the business, she will delight any age with her bubble skills, tricks and persona. Guaranteed to make your...
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Captain Bubble - Bubble Inc

Captain Bubble

Captain Bubble is a world-class Bubbleologist who incorporates magic, storytelling, games, slapstick, circus skills and puppets in an entertaining, interactive and enthralling bubble show for kids and adults of all ages!

For a unique once-in-a-lifetime bubble experience that's bursting with fun, excitement and thrills, Captain Bubble's children's parties and bubbletastic mix 'n' mingle bubble shows are a fantastic addition to the Bubble Inc family. Stand inside a GIANT bubble; learn about...
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World's Tallest Bubbleologist - Bubble Inc

World's Tallest Bubbleologist

Tall Will is the tallest Bubbleologist in the whole world! He's 6'10" and is also a brilliant stilt walker!

With 10+ years experience of working with bubbles, he joined the Bubble Inc team as a bubble performer back in 2007. He is a very experienced and talented Bubbleologist with an amazing repertoire of bubble tricks - from giant bubbles...
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