Bubble Max 500!

There is a lot more to bubbles than most realise and Bubble Max 500's "Amazing Bubble Show" will blow you away! Smoke bubbles, square bubbles, bubble art, people in bubbles and more and more and more!

No matter what age, your inner child will engage and emerge at Max's incredible bubble skills and passion.

Aside from wow-ing his audiences, Bubble Max 500's show is fully interactive and full of humour including bubble games, bubble hats (wear-able and made from real bubbles!) and even put people inside bubbles! 

Appropriate for all ages, Max adapts his show to both children and corporate audiences, and guarantees everyone will find their 'inner bubble!)

Typically shows are 1 hour although Max will extend this to a 2hr bubble party with extra involvement for the children to become bubbleoligists themselves.

Check out this uber cool video of his corporate/ adult bubble entertainment: 

And here is a taster of the magic he can bring to a kids party!