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About Bubble Inc

On the day young Sam Heath watched a single bubble float on the breeze over a field sometime in 1989, his world changed forever.

Samsam Bubbleman emerged and over the next 11 years, he learned the tricks of his trade, starting a world-class collection of bubble toys and equipment, solutions and books, and of course, Bubble Inc.

In late 2000, the retail side of the business began with a market stall in London's arty Portobello Road market. He wanted to  encourage more people to try out what was essentially a lost art and free their inner bubble! 

One stall turned into three (at Camden and Spitalfields markets) and in the summer of 2001, the fantastic 'festival bubble stall' opened to critical bubble-enthusiast's acclaim!

As Bubble Inc grew, Samsam Bubbleman surrounded himself with the 'Bubble Crew', fellow Bubbleologists who were sharing experiences, spreading the bubble gospel and shouting 'Bubbles NOT Bombs' at anyone who'd listen!

The performance side of Bubble Inc kicked off in 2002 with bubble shows for parties. Since then, Samsam and his team have performed around the world for some of the world's largest companies including Sony, Sky, Harrods and Honda as well as some of the world's most famous people like Peter Gabriel, Princes Charles and Harry, The Beatles, JK Rowling, Shakira and David Cameron.

Numerous successful Guinness World Record attempts followed, as did TV appearances and commissions for bubble SFX for television commercials, films and music videos – Samsam has even performed at a funeral!

The team of Bubbleologists are the best in the business and Bubble Inc now has an ever-expanding portfolio of private and corporate clients for parties and events, team building days, workshops, science shows and corporate events. We will bring you bubblingly awesome entertainment that you and your guests will have never experienced before, and sights and sounds that will leave them breathless and begging for more!

For Samsam, bubbles aren't just a mixture of soapy water. They are a living, breathing entity and a tool for spectacular creativity. They are scientific and need to be understood. They have the incredible power to bring people together for the common good and they have allowed him to push boundaries and to go further than anyone thought possible.

Welcome to Bubble Inc.