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Bar/Bat mitzvah

    "The Willy Wonka of bubbles!" - Chris Evans, BBC

    Looking for something a bit different? Don't want to book another magician?

    Bring a new kind of magic to excite and entertain your guests of all ages! We can provide a variety of INCREDIBLE bubble entertainment to impress your guests and give them something to remember your event!

    Here are some options: 



    Extremely popular for Weddings, Bat/Barmitzvahs and charity events is our bubble table roving experience – similar to roving magicians, but all with bubbles! You'd be AMAZED at what can be done with even a simple pot of soap bubbles - square bubbles, FLAT bubbles, bubble art, the tiniest bubbles in the world, everlasting bubbles... Prepare to be amazed. 

    Our Bubbleologists pick 5 or 6 of our best interactive bubble tricks to wow your audience and help them all (young or old!) to find their 'inner bubble.'



    Also popular is a static display inviting people to be INSIDE a giant bubble whilst your friends take their photograph for posterity! A wonderful way to remember your event for years to come. 



    Alternatively we can put on a wow-style caberet style act to entertain all your guests. Typically set to music and includes putting the bar/batmitzvah boy or girl and their best friend or family member inside a bubble!



    Create a sense of magic whilst guests arrive with an outdoor giant bubble display! Guaranteed to add a wonderful atmosphere the moment your party begins.



    Drop us a line at info@bubbleinc.co.uk or give us a call at 0044 208 350 0362 to discuss how we can make your event go with a pop!

    "I've never seen anybody do that!" - Sir Michael Caine