We LOVE bubbles! - Samsam's GIANT BUBBLE SHOW

September 18th 2016


I'm loving performing at Butlins - It's great!

Aside from that they look after me with all the customer service you might expect of the organisation that invented the Red Coats, part of my arrangement with them is that i get a family ticket, so the kids get to come along and enjoy all the water slides, fun fair rides, shows, bowling, adventure playgrounds et al, and the Science Festivals are full of extra fun, like walking on custard (Non-Newtonian fluid!), dissecting eyeballs and the awesome Brainiacs show. Particularly popular is experiencing a computer for every year since the 1970's to the latest Virtual Reality headsets!

And the crowd there love my bubbles! I perform my family show there and add on a couple of 'Meet & Greets" so that i can have some extra fun with people. The reaction is always lovely and it's such a community of folks, that it doesn't take long before i have somehow achieved minor celebrity status there. It's cute! Kids giggle and point (in a good way!) and want their photo taken with me. Breakfast and dinner at their surprisingly good buffet restaurant is particularly entertaining.

Anyway, this video doesn't capture that, but it hopefully gives you a flavour of the bubble fun that we create there - wanna come along sometime? Keep your eyes out on my FB page for details of future shows there! 

Happy bubbling!

Samsam Bubbleman


#BubblePrizes Competition Time!!

We love bubbles! You might have realised this by now, but what we love even more than bubbles is seeing other people have fun with bubbles!!!!  

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Happy Bubbling!! 

Here are some #BubblePrizes entries we've already received!
bubbliser bubblegun bubble inc bubbleinc little boy loving bubbles primrose hill London green bubblegun
bubble prizes bubbliser bubblegun bubbleguns bubble inc bubbleinc children playing with bubbleguns bubbles we love bubbles
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Happy Bubbling!  

How can bubbles be Boring?!

On a cold and damp February morning, under the gaze of Mount Hood, a team consisting of 4 x film crew, 2 x SFX guys, and 1 x Bubbleologist explored the town of Boring, Oregon, USA. It actually exists! And believe it or not, it's twinned with a Scottish town called 'Dull.'

The local people were curious to see us there and soon became keen to get their story over about their town and how they ended up in Boring. 

And indeed, as it was named, so it shall be - Boring by name,...

There's the Boring brewery, the Boring Bar and Grill, even the Boring Fire Station. We gently put out some feelers to see who'd like to be involved - the hairdresser, a couple of local youths, some older locals, and introduced them to bubbles filled with smoke.

The rather compact Boring hairdressers

For this was our job, my bubble mission - 7 days to transform the town and it's towns-folk with SMOKE BUBBLES!

Initially, it was just a smoke bubble here, a smoke bubble there, but as we built it up, we introduced more and more smoke bubbles until, the final day, the final scene, where we just let it riiiip! We closed the Boring main street and unleashed 1000's upon 1000's of smoke bubbles into the Boring town square - the Boring locals bathing in the joy and beauty we'd bought to their Boring community. Boring kids of all sizes and ages were running around popping and playing within the bubbles so that all the cameraman had to do was follow them around, capturing the natural joy on their not-so-Boring faces.

Even the crew (by now there were 20+ of them) were ecstatic! There's something truly wonderful about my job - witnessing even a film crew (who you can imagine every day is different for) finding their inner bubble.

"Who needs CGI? We did it for REAL!" Adam McDaid - Director of Photography


The crew!

So we want YOU to go out and make the world less boring too! Fill it with colour! Fill it with light and joy! And fill it with BUBBLES! We'd like to help you to celebrate this and what happens to be International Bubble Blowing Day today (May 6th 2016), so please find with Bubble Inc's compliments this 20% discount code -"Share the bubble love!" available for anything on our website!

Think giant bubbles are gonna do it? Want spill proof bubble toys for your kids? Unusual artisan-made recycled bubble windmills? Silver bubble wands? Traditional Bubble Pipes? Take a stroll through our Bubble Emporium!

Just type in "Share the bubble love!" at the end of the ordering process to get your 20% bubble discount

Till the next time, enjoy this completely not Boring film, and as ever - happy bubbling! 

Samsam Bubbleman


Samsam Bubbleman's latest hit bubble show!

This video was taken in Beirut, Lebanon at the City Centre mall where Samsam Bubbleman performed his stage show during August 2015

As word spread, the show attracted record numbers to the mall and the resulting video achieved over 200,000 views in it's first 24 hours!


Samsam Bubbleman's 10th Guinness World Record!

Here's a short video created to celebrate my 10th GWR (for the World's Biggest Bubble!) release of Dreamworks animation 'Home'

The bubble itself was 23.3 cubic meters, or the approximate size of a Grey Whale!

Confex 2016

We had a spectacular time bringing Bubble Inc to Confex 2016, and i think you all rather enjoyed it too! Here's Tristan from Corporate Events doing a trick we taught him from inside the bubble! In glorious sloooow motion!

What did you like best? The smoke bubbles? The Square bubbles? The tiniest bubbles in the world? 

Happy bubbling!

Samsam Bubbleman at Bubble Inc.

Kuwait National Day = FOAM PARTY!

You may not know this, but i keep a diary and when i travel, i always find a couple of local newspaper articles to cut out and stick in it. Upon my arrival this morning, i picked a copy of the Kuwait Times, to read that it's "National Day" today - a national holiday to celebrate independence from British occupation (1961) - here's an excerpt from the article:

"The celebrations have transformed into a way that does not reflect affiliation and loyalty to Kuwait and it's history. The festivities have taken up aspects of risk rather than a manifestation of expressing joy and fun, that may develop in the future to reach violence. During the celebrations, foam and water are sprayed on people, which are irresponsible acts that lack the slightest regard for people's health and safety. "

.... holy maloney! This is my kind of festival!

Think i should show 'em how it's done...


Bring on the foam haircuts!

Bring on the bubbles!

And most of all, bring on the snow machines! 

Happy bubbling!


 ps perhaps i should have bought this?



Bubblin' up USA - day 2 & 3

Day #2 & 3


My flight to LA was ok – watched a couple of great films – “Grandma” with Lily Tomlin, and the very bizarre “The Lobster” – crazy set-in-the-future art movie about single people being turned into animals.

I land in LA feeling fine – a bit dreamy but it’s great to be met by an old family friend Paul who takes me to hang out at Venice Beach! Bonus!


After a 6 hour stop over, it’s back on the plane and onward to my destination – the less than warm/sunny Portland Oregon. I land at 22.30 having not slept, thinking I can trick my body into sleeping through the night, I do wake up on the dot of 4am and am instantly wide awake. My body clock seems to have fallen out of the plane somewhere over the American east coast. I find myself getting off the lift on the wrong floor.

Most of my jobs involve me flying out eastwards from the UK and I’ve managed to get to know what to expect from that, but flying west completely throws me and I don’t get back to sleep. I catch up on email and watch some tv.

I haven’t been to USA since I was 7 but I remember it well – I guess I must have had jetlag back then too because I clearly remember me and my brothers waking up in our LA room and watching non-stop cartoons from what was probably 4am then too, amazed that non only did they have a channel devoted to cartoons, but it was on 24 hours a day! Our boring ol’ uk tv back then was limited to 3 channels and they all finished at around midnight with God Save the Queen before reverting to a static screen made up of shards of different colours and a central image of a girl with a doll. What the hell was that about? It was like a really boring children’s channel.

However, the distinction between USA and UK has narrowed somewhat as we’ve caught up with their tv on demand attitude. But there’s nothing on – not even cartoons.

My first day is supposed to be a day off to recover, but there has been a change of plans and I find myself in a meeting at 10am and leaving for a tech recce to our location – a small typical town of the region, about a half our drive from our hotel.

That’s cool, it’s not demanding, though by 2pm, I’m starting to glaze over and feel like my limbs might start dropping off any moment.

My cultural differences so far are limited mostly to my hotel which is dead cool.

My first thought is how my initial preconceptions stand up – turns out there’s a ton of anti-Trump feeling here, much more than I’d expected – Oregon is Democrat country.

The plates of food aren’t anywhere near as big as in my imagination. And whilst the pick-ups and trucks are 25% longer than in the UK, most people drive around in the same size cars as us.

I like their vehicles – they ‘do’ them pretty well... they’re big wheeled, raised suspensions and massive chunky grills at the front, like the muscular chiseled faces of all-time American heroes.

They look cool and make me wonder why UK cars are generally pretty dull. Oh, and their RV’s/camper vans are everywhere and really packed! Our campers our tiny miniature dolls house things that here would be like a fat person trying to squueze into a skinny pair of jeans. “You sleep in that?” (note American accent).

The Firetrucks are the best! They look like Superman got genetically mutated with an arctic. Meaty red and white chrome machines with massive wheels.


Everyone’s got American accents which is strange.. why does that come up in my mind? Of course they’ve got American accents… But for some reason, it strikes a massive chord with me.

There’s some things I really like – the staff at our hotel are allowed to wear their own clothes. It’s nice – friendly. I want to ask everyone’s names. The boundaries and boarders are relaxed and there’s a diminished sense of you work here – I’m going to relate to you as a someone providing me with a service in return for my money.

However, that night as we eat out at the Portland institution known as “Jacks” I get a flavour of the less positive side – our waitress must’ve come over to our table like 8 or 9 times to check that we’re ok and if we want to order something else. What starts off as a refreshingly un-shy approach ends up feeling very staged, like a sales pitch that she’s done a 1000 times before, every day for the most of her life.

And then at the end of the meal, it’s mandatory that I tip her somewhere between 15 and 20% I don’t even like her! To my English brain, compulsory tipping does not compute. Surely the point of tipping is to reward good service? What it would be like to not tip?

I think that the staff just basically don’t get paid or get paid some very tiny nominal rate. The food is no cheaper than in the UK, leaving me once again confused. Where does the extra money go? People don’t pay their staff? Wtf? I didn’t hire them, and they don’t work for me, so why am I paying their goddam wages?

It makes me wonder about the value of ‘good service’ here… ok, they’re not shy, they’re extremely welcoming, and most of the locals I’ve dealt with so far are really nice. But if it’s a set thing, doesn’t that discredit any genuine offer of a tip? Does that sit ok with people deep down? Do they ever get a sense of ‘ahhh, someone tipped me because I did my job well’?

Doesn’t it actually create disingenuousness?

Well, maybe, maybe not. Maybe it’s just my English brain in it’s English ways.

Bubblin' up America - Day 1

#day1 – en route to America


The route of my forefathers? How many Jews made this journey in perilous conditions escaping the holocaust less than 80 years ago? 

And here I am, on my way to USA. How strannnnge! I honestly can’t wait to see what people are really like!? Will they all be really fat? Trump-lovers? Will they think that England’s in London? Will they be modified,.. genetically,.. plastically?

Meanwhile, I’m stuck in Heathrow Airport lounge.. such weird places – does anyone ‘get’ duty free in the UK? It’s a con, right? For a start, if it were truly ‘duty-free’ surely this tobacco/alcohol/sunglasses things would be the same price in every country? And who wants to buy 2 giant bags of Bounty’s for £10? I don’t mind the occaisional coconut-ty chocolate treat, but that just makes me nauseous.

I’m through customs and check super fast (compared to my normal rigmarole of bubble luggage) and have too much time to spare. Argggh! I can’t go on! It's too early in the morning and i've no self control.. I have to have that luxury travel pillow! It’s a 24 hour journey! I don’t even care that it’s £25! It’s damned comfy!

And chocolate… I need chocolate! If it’ll make me more comfortable during the first stage of my super-journey, then goddamnit, I’m buying those delicious looking chocolate covered almonds! Anyway, surely it’s practise for the land of uber consumerism.

You know one of the things i do like about travelling these days is that my bubbles are in every Airport's electrical store! If you haven't seen it already, here's the ad i created for Apple's new Macbook: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBzOS6IIlmk

I can’t wait to go shopping for my kids to an American sweet shop so I can bring them back Tootsie Rolls and Twinkies and god knows what else.. My dad went to work in America on business when I was a kid and he came back with all kinds of weird sweets, plus Astronauts’ dehydrated ice-cream! And a Casio VL Tone! I loved that little keyboard – tiny plastic keys that barely fit to your finger and a ‘demo’ tune that’d drive you up the wall! All we got in the UK was the Stylophone and look where that ended up?

Will I be stunned by the food? I suspect so.. I’m expecting larger than life portions and a lack of vegetarians. Will I be abducted by UFO’s? Sign an NDA and meet Elvis? Oooh, what’s that newspaper that you hear about on Michael Moores tv show? The National Enquirer? Is that still going? In some kind of sicko way, i’d love to get a little taste of the true American bubble. Y’know the one, I’m sure.

What cutltural differences will I find?

Do you know? Have you been? What should I do? Where should I go? How bizarre did it get for you?