Commercial / bubble advertising

Bright Red? Up a tree? Full of smoke? We love a challenge.

Production work
Over the years, Bubble Inc has achieved significant successful projects for commercial films and PR projects, creating successful campaigns and an incredible range of bubble effects.

We understand that your project might require a specific effect from a bubble. - whether your bubbles needs to be longer lasting, be created by a team of trained experts, have vehicles driven through them, be filled with coloured smoke - whatever your vision, our team of Bubbleologists can create the right effect for you.

We are happy to offer our expertise and are used to working closely with producers, DOP's, lighting technicians and event managers to create something very special for you.

We are highly experienced at seeing projects through to completion and previous clients include Dreamworks, Apple, 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, Microsoft T-mobile, Sony Bravia, Cussons, Diageo, Transferwise, Barclays, SwissCom, Bank Aldi (Dubai), Youngs, Crown Estates, Guinness Book of Records and many more.


1) TV and online commercial 2015 - Apple's Macbook Air

2)  Bubble Flashmob - February 2015 - Transferwise

"Our most successful campaign ever! Every bit of advice Samsam and his crew gave was spot on." Ollie Burgoyne, House of PR on behalf of Transferwise


2) Slow motion bubbles for Guinness World Records Youtube tv channel

"Without doubt, the coolest show we ever made."


3) T-Mobile tv commercial, Poland, 2011 for Saatchi & Saatchi

"We didn't realize what could be done and had figured we'd need to CGI in the bubbles, but Samsam nailed shot after shot." - Sri Banford (director).


4) Dreamworks launch of HOME film, March 2015

"Just want to say thanks again for your superhuman efforts over the
course of a couple of weeks. We were really pleased with how it went. I’ll be in touch about future projects!" Leigh Debbage, Premier Communications PR on behalf of 20th Century Fox