School Science Show

We demonstrate a mixture of as many of the scientific principles that can be found by studying soap bubbles into a visually incredible 1 hour show as we can.

But we also understand that different ages and schools are at different levels, so we will customise our shows to make them age/skill appropriate to the group.

For younger children we show incredible bubble tricks and relate them to weather, and water for example. Here the emphasis is more on fun but reminding them how much FUN science can be!

For older children we can go more in depth but keeping the empahsis on 'edutainment', so we explain about minimal surface area (why bubbles are round) and then promptly make a square bubble! We also look at surface tension and ways to get around it; Light refraction (the colours on the surface of the bubble) and the effects of gravity on the surface of a bubble.

Recently awarded the Guinness World Record for the Largest Practical Science Lesson, your teachers and students of all ages will love our bubble science show that inspires children of all ages to have fun through education.

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"Dear Samsam,
Thank you of coming to Kennett school on Monday. I luvd your show it was grayt. I thort it was good when you poot Joe in the bubble!"
Sian (5 years old) at Kennet school, Cambridgeshire. March 2009

"SamSam's bubble display is exactly what is needed to inspire awe and wonder in an audience of any age…the demonstrations of bubbles were breath-taking and the audience was enthusiastic in its participation and unanimous in its applause!"
Kingsbridge Community College - March 2009

"The children were awe-inspired from the very first minute of the show. Samsam was magical and amazed everyone. They all wanted to be like him. Luckily, the show was very hands on. Lots of volunteers were required for various parts of the show. All the children could talk about thro the rest of the week was Samsam the Bubbleman. They all tried hard to follow his advice and make the best and biggest bubbles . As a result of watching Samsam the children mastered putting an obhect into a bubble, making large bubbles and even how to put a child into a bubble.

"5 WEEKS later, when they wash their hands for lunch, they are still making bubbles with just their hands (as Samsam showed us). What a magical and exciting morning. We got so much from your visit. Thank-you Samsam."
Ashmead County School, April 2009