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Bubble Songs

Ever wondered what's on a Bubbleologists Ipod?

You may not know this, but our very own Samsam Bubbleman used to be Samsam the Bongo Man! He worked as a session musician throughout the 90's and noughties, till bubbles took over. Some of his bands included "Transglobal Underground" "Strike" and "Kamel Nitrate" and he was a regular in the dance scene accompanying dj's with live percussion in every venue that you could think of!

Anyway, he INSISTED that we have a page on our new website devoted to bubble tunes specially selected from his own private music collection, so here it is! If you have any suggestions of songs to add to this list, send them our way to and if we like them, we'll put them up!

"Bubble love" Chungking - Brighton based band, been going for years and making a wide range of music. This one paints a wonderfully ethereal ambient atmosphere. We bubbled them up on the castle stage at the Big Chill festival back in 2009!



"Living in a plastic bubble" ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra) - One of my 2012 favourites! I came across this on Itunes recently and loved it's Indie rock feel. They're a California rock band currently signed to Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records label. Not normally my style of music, but what a tune!



"Bubble" Young David - who is this guy? Seems like a cool dude! I love his ambient understated style! Roots in dance music, but with a progression that bobs and bounces along like a bubble floating on dry ice! If anyone knows anything more about him, let me know... i can't even find him on youtube! But you can download his bubble music here:


"I'm forever blowing bubbles" Woody Allen/Sweet and Lowdown - a great instrumental version of this tune used in Woody Allen's film. I wanted to use this track to perform to on a 'buzz 'em off' talent show in 2006, but at the last minute the show declared they hadn't got permission to use it and suggested a much more 'plodding' downright depressing version of the song! Things went from bad to worse on the show and following a technical error, i got buzzed off in under a minute! If i ever meet you Woody Allen,....


"Bubble Lady" Camille - a gorgeous gorgeous French singer who has managed to capture something of the essence of bubbles in this beautiful piece of 'pop' music.



"Blow another bubble" Sarita and Schroeder. A lovely couple that make childrens' music, have made this BEAUTY of a bubble song - this was and remains one of our company anthems! Warning -or children of all ages!


"Chew chew chew your bubble gum" Ella Fitzgerald - anything by Ella is good by me! Best singer ever. Nuff Said.



"Bubble Toes" Jack Johnson - Holy soap! What the hell are "Bubble Toes?" Do we care? Top tune! This version's live by the man himself!


"Bubble wit us" The Drunken Archers - In my downtime, i'm constantly looking up bubbles on the internet,.. whether it's toys, or performances, or songs. It's great for making compilations! I once decided i was going to make a compilation about Orangutans for my girlfriend's xmas present, and unbelievably i ended up with a whole album! This is a rap tune i came across during a bubble search. Loving the lyrics... shame about the video


"bubble wrap" Thomas Newman - genius of film score writing, having written scores for Shawshank Redemption, Finding Nemo and the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. This one is from Wall-e and is a short but beautifully gentle example of Newmans' work.



"In the bubble with a bullet" Beady Eye - A collection of members of Oasis. Damn fine bubble music!



"The boy in the bubble" Peter Gabriel - Paul Simon's classic re-done by personal friend of Bubble Inc - Peter Gabriel! We met him at Womad initially (favourite festival where we have bubbled for many years!) and eventually Peter began hiring us for his private parties! A truly lovely family and one of my favourite customers! His version's somewhat more subdued than the original, here performed with the New Blood Orchestra in London.



"I'm forever blowing bubbles" Les Paul and Mary Ford - this song featured in the Sopranos! This couple were MASSIVE in the 1950's... in 1951 alone, they sold 6 million records!!! I love this version - it's unlike any other and,... i don't know... it's quirky! Happy bubbling!



"Tiny Bubbles" Don Ho - classic from this Hawaiian gent! Way back in 1966, Ho released his most famous song, "Tiny Bubbles", which rose as high as no.8 in the American 'Billboard' charts, and the subsequent Tiny Bubbles LP remained in the album Top 20 for almost a year!



"I'm forever blowing bubbles" - Oscar Peterson - Grrrrreat Jazz version for all you "jazzers" out there! 


That's all for now! Keep watching as we update the site with more and MORE amazing bubble facts, and feats! Toys and films!

Happy bubbling!

Samsam Bubbleman