HOW TO MAKE GIANT BUBBLES - with 12 x Guinness World Record breaking "Bubbleologist" - Samsam Bubbleman!

This is workshop #3 - for #2 and #1 please check out my previous blogs or tune in on all social media channels - look for Samsam Bubbleman and please feel free to share amongst your friends. 

Next week's workshop will be released on Saturday morning 2nd May 2020 - planning it to be on "Make your own bubble toys at home!" so tell your cameras and bring your friends :)


Equipment to prepare:

1) Any bubble toys, especially ones to make BIG bubbles

2) Bubble solution - - preferably our world record holding 'Supapop' available here: Failing that, you can use a home made solution with fairy liquid here:

3) Bucket or large bowl

4) If indoors, avoid slip hazards by putting an old rug or similar on the floor Giant bubble swords available here: #bubbles #bubbleworkshop #Bubblemaking #BubbleIncUK #SamsamBubbleman #Bubbleology #Bubbleologist #thingstodoathomeduringlockdown #workshopsforkids #keepyourkidshappy #bubble #bubblefun

Written by Sam Heath — April 26, 2020