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"Breathe" - Shadow Bubbles pt II

"More beautiful and brilliant than the most costly gems, created by the breath of a child, and yet more delicately adjusted to withstand the opposing forces of nature during their brief existence than are the mightiest structures man can rear.” Taken from the instruction manual from a Victorian aged vintage bubble pipe toy – The Wizard Bubble Blower (for more on my vintage bubble toy collection, click here).

As some of you may know, "Shadow Bubbles" was my Covid lockdown project, though it actually began way back in 2017 (some 27 years into my bubble passion!) when instead of watching bubbles float through the air, I became obsessed with their silhouettes, stretching balletically over the ground and gliding up and over the sides and roof of white festival marquee like some magical creature from a fantasy film. Bubble shadows are fairly unique as they remain as colourful (sometimes more so) but appear as a 2D projection.

The first part “Navigation” (click for link!) aired in July 2020 during the pandemic and achieved some 35,000 views. Gave me the drive during the dark days of lockdown to pick myself up, mix up some giant bubble mixand get to work! Or is it play...? I worked through till dawn, night after night. 

Shadow Bubbles remained largely as a film project as we slowly unlocked and my day to day bubble business picked up once more. It’s only been in the last few winter months that I’ve been able to carve out some time and space to work seriously on it – this time with the amazing contribution from a wonderful French clown and fellow Bubbleologist, Laeticia Ita Soen (for more info on her click here). She is one of the few bubble artistes i know that focus on creating drama with bubbles, and i find her work very inspiring! It's so important to share with your peers when creating new work - it involves letting go and opening up to someone as a teacher of the soul and the focus on the work becomes central to your being. 

I'm very happy to have reached a stage where Shadow Bubbles has grown into a live performance and am happy to announce I performed it for the first time last month (as an hour long show) at an event for a rather famous author (no namesI I had to sign an NDA).

I’ve decided to share this short clip from it now because, well it just feels that now is the time! The last full moon of winter. The space I’m in right now. It’s kinda abstract, so I’m hoping you’ll connect with it inside and find meaning and joy in it. I’d love to hear where it takes you.

So here is a new clip - Shadow Bubbles part II – “Breathe”  - kick back, put your device on full screen and let it take you somewhere! If you're happy to, help me by sharing it around and please leave your likes/ comments,.. anything! Social media boosts the video organically when you do so whatever you comment no matter how short is appreciated!

And if you want to see more, or want to experience this live, watch this space! Coming to a festival near you soon! Or drop us a line about your events and we can send you a quote! 

Happy bubbling!

Samsam Bubbleman