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Learn Samsam's bubble tricks!

UPDATE! Available here FREE on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December only! - We'll be publishing a new workshop for free every weekend up till Xmas 2020. Outside of these times, please contact us for cost.

Come learn amazing bubble tips, tricks and techniques from 12 x Guinness World Record holder, Samsam Bubbleman in the first of his amazing bubble workshops!

 In this episode, learn all about the amazing fun you can have with just a pot of bubbles, a straw, and a baking tray! If you are not able to bring your inner bubble, one will be provided for you by participating in these workshops or by picking up some of our amazing bubble toys at www.bubbleinc.co.uk - use discount code "Samsam Bubbleman" to get a 10% discount of ALL our products! 

This is episode 1 (originally screened in April 2020 for Camp Bestival) of Samsam's bubble workshops available for free this weekend only! We will be releasing another workshop video for FREE each weekend through December! If you wish to view them outside of these times, or screen any of them through a business, OR to personalise a workshop for your followers, please contact us at info@bubbleinc.co.uk for prices. 

In the meantime, here's our trailer for all 4 of our workshops! 

You will need:

1) Bubble solution - Samsam uses SUPAPOP bubble mix available from his website www.BubbleInc.co.uk but also gives a recipe for you to prepare at home in advance here: https://www.bubbleinc.co.uk/pages/recipes - uses water, washing up liquid, and sugar (+ glycerine - optional but will make your bubbles last longer)

2) Bowl / jug for mixing

3) Pot of bubbles with a wand

4) Any bubble toys that you have!

5) Wool or fleece glove / jumper / hat

6) Drinking straw

7) Hand towel/ tea towel

8) Baking tray


Bubble caterpillars, Bouncing bubbles, square bubbles, giant bubbles, hand bubbling, and so much more here and to come!

Check our other blog posts for loads more amazing bubble videos and more workshops on their way soon.

Please have fun, share amongst your friends and send us comments. 

Happy bubbling!