Lady Bubbles

Lady Bubbles has a long background as an actor and performer and has been working with Bubble Inc since 2009. Delight in her charm and finesse, Lady Bubbles is not called Lady Bubbles for nothing. Her bubble skills are wide ranging suiting both indoor and outdoor events, and her character is full of fun and smiles. Don't be surprised if you end up on the floor in fits of laughter - She does it to us all the time! 

Lady Bubbles is perfect for all kinds of events, ranging from outdoor walkabouts, indoor meet & greets, kids parties, corporate events, product launches and more.  She's also amassed an impressive client list having worked on everything from Harrods, Lucozade, and Dreamworks to Festivals, Parades and The 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. 

Plus tv/ film production work including a bubble commercial for Swisscom and the Harry Hill feature film in 2013!