Online Bubble Shows and Workshops

ONLINE - part show, part workshop, part meet & greet! We will work with you to create the perfect entertainment package with either live zoom shows or a pre-recorded show.


Online shows include elements such as:

1) Incredible bubble tricks! Learn from the master how to blow your friends away with a host of amazing bubble tricks from Guinness World Record holding bubble champion. Tricks include:

a) Square bubbles!

b) Smoke filled bubbles!

c) Bubble chains!

d) Bubble carousels!

and much much more. 

Online bubble workshops - We'll help you get in touch with your inner bubble!

2) Learn how to make your own bubble solution at home OR we can send out some of our top-secret world-record-holding "Supapop bubble" solution in advance with our 48 hr delivery service.

 a) Master the art of making bubbles using only your hands (and some bubble solution). Tricks include bubble manipulation, bubbles in bubbles and bubble chains. This amazing form of bubbology is fully accessible to anyone with just a pot of bubble mixture! Experience the magical power creating bubbles with just your hands which is highly therapeutic.

b) Master the art of making bubbles using only your hands (and some bubble solution). Learn the secret to making giant bubbles and witness incredible tricks including Bubble Vortex, and Bubbles Inside of Bubbles

c) Explore the incredible science behind bubbles through our interactive edutainment package - how bubbles can power the world, how to make bubbles that can last over a YEAR, and an incredible close up glimpse into the mesmerising swirling colours of a soap bubble.


Shows can also include a meet and greet section where your guests get to ask questions of our bubble maestro Samsam Bubbleman


Introductory offer starts at £250 + VAT for the performance/workshop.


If you want each participant to receive some materials for the workshop then this will be costed separately - please let us know how many participants, and we'll send you a price list.

Samsam has been bubbling for 30 years and with his TWELVE Guinness World records, has grown to become THE world leader in soap bubbles. His skills and talents have been booked by some of the most famous celebrities and royalty around the world including Lady Gaga, Prince Charles, Shakira, Sir Paul McCartney and JK Rowling.

He also created a bubble segment for the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony and was responsible for the bubble sequence in Tim Burton's "Dumbo" (2019).