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How can bubbles be Boring?!

On a cold and damp February morning, under the gaze of Mount Hood, a team consisting of 4 x film crew, 2 x SFX guys, and 1 x Bubbleologist explored the town of Boring, Oregon, USA. It actually exists! And believe it or not, it's twinned with a Scottish town called 'Dull.'

The local people were curious to see us there and soon became keen to get their story over about their town and how they ended up in Boring. 

And indeed, as it was named, so it shall be - Boring by name,...

There's the Boring brewery, the Boring Bar and Grill, even the Boring Fire Station. We gently put out some feelers to see who'd like to be involved - the hairdresser, a couple of local youths, some older locals, and introduced them to bubbles filled with smoke.

The rather compact Boring hairdressers

For this was our job, my bubble mission - 7 days to transform the town and it's towns-folk with SMOKE BUBBLES!

Initially, it was just a smoke bubble here, a smoke bubble there, but as we built it up, we introduced more and more smoke bubbles until, the final day, the final scene, where we just let it riiiip! We closed the Boring main street and unleashed 1000's upon 1000's of smoke bubbles into the Boring town square - the Boring locals bathing in the joy and beauty we'd bought to their Boring community. Boring kids of all sizes and ages were running around popping and playing within the bubbles so that all the cameraman had to do was follow them around, capturing the natural joy on their not-so-Boring faces.

Even the crew (by now there were 20+ of them) were ecstatic! There's something truly wonderful about my job - witnessing even a film crew (who you can imagine every day is different for) finding their inner bubble.

"Who needs CGI? We did it for REAL!" Adam McDaid - Director of Photography


The crew!

So we want YOU to go out and make the world less boring too! Fill it with colour! Fill it with light and joy! And fill it with BUBBLES! We'd like to help you to celebrate this and what happens to be International Bubble Blowing Day today (May 6th 2016), so please find with Bubble Inc's compliments this 20% discount code -"Share the bubble love!" available for anything on our website!

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Till the next time, enjoy this completely not Boring film, and as ever - happy bubbling! 

Samsam Bubbleman