Phew! What a day!

Started at 5am when i got up for the first part of my job for Dreamworks  - a Guinness World Record attempt at the World's Biggest Bubble!

The record currently stands at 20.65 cubic meters and is held by American Megan Colby Parker - an awesome record and one that's hard to beat! My hat off to you Megan.

A job like this takes a combination of several factors all coming together at the same time to allow a bubble big enough - humidity, wind-speed and direction, equipment, juice, inner bubble... plus there's a whole lot of work behind the scenes getting a measurement of the bubble and getting that verified for Guinness is a serious feat in itself! Amongst other things, they need a measurement to be calculated and affirmed by a Chartered Surveyor/ an expert in measurements... not easy people to convince to come to a park in North London at 5.45 am before their very serious day jobs. Thankfully i signed this part of the job over to the PR company dealing with the stunt, but they struggled with some aspects of it at which point i had to get involved and together we've managed to put together the team. None-the-less, it has been a mission just getting to this point and a lot more work involved than you might think.

So the first attempt went well - i'm not sure if we broke the record yet - have to wait for the final calculations which should come at some point later today - but i just heard it's close! We have to beat it by a full 2 cubic meters to be in with a chance. Regardless, we'll be having another go at it tomorrow morning when i hope we'll get better conditions. Fingers crossed!

Following the attempt, which went on till 8.30, there was a short break for breakfast at the local lovely Downhills Park Cafe, then back home to re-equip and straight out to a photo/video-shoot session in Alexandra  Palace from 11 - 13.30. They are expecting the story to be covered by various news channels here in the UK so they want some story/extra footage to put together a short film about it  all that the news people can use.

Then it was off to the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square to do a recce and have a meeting regarding the next part of this activity - the premiere of the film "Home" which i will be performing at on saturday.

Now 4pm, just got back home and need to re-prep for tomorrows second attempt!

And get some sleep i hope....

Happy bubbling!


Written by Sam Heath — March 11, 2015

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