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Bubbles to Kuwait - March 2013

 New #bubblemission! Bringing bubbles to Kuwait! 

I leave on monday evening to perform a series of gigs promoting business and culture in the country. The Prime Minister of the country is attending at least one of the shows ( wednesday? ) which i'm excited about! I'm also one walkabout, and 2 shows/day on tuesday and thursday.  It's outside unusually - i normally only perform walkabouts outside, as it can be pretty hard making square bubbles in the wind! Added to that Kuwait is in an arid dessert region, and you're talking loooooowww humidity, high heat and sand - NOT good for bubbles. Thankfully this time of year usually sees some rain, so i hope my show is not too affected. 


English performers are very highly regarded throughout the Middle East, and we often get offered work there. They just don't really have a culture of performing as a career choice as i found out on a trip to Qatar a few years ago - the company who had bought me over requested a performance for a special needs centre they had a connection with. 

It's often the most rewarding experience to go and perform for charities, especially when you're dealing with the Middle East which can seem at times quite focused on wealth ( Dubai in particular! I've seen people drive around in diamond covered Hummers!) My hosts politely informed me i'd also be performing with a couple of local performers, which intrigued me at first, but ended up being a couple of guys dressing up in some home-made Disney costumes and waving their hands about! It was funny to watch,... The kids all had a good time in any case and it goes without saying, they LOVED the bubbles! Bubbles are for everyone!

So this trip should be interesting,... i'll be hanging out with some other UK performers who claim to have the last dragon in existence! Check them out too they're called Epico. My flights have got a little messed up, and it seems i'm arriving at about 7 in the morning local time, with my first walkabout at 11 - normally i try and arrive with a bit more time to prepare. It's also my first performance with my NEW HAIRSTYLE... most of you don't know about that yet! All i'll tell you for now is it's quite a change! Stay tuned for pictures.

Will endeavour to keep you all updated through this blog over the course of next week!

Happy bubbling!


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