Day 3+4

How bizarre to now be zipping my way on a French Autoroute outside of Paris, having flown back from Kuwait this morning. My Mum wanted to take her grandchildren to Euro-Disney, so they all caught the shuttle train under the Channel, and I flew. Can’t wait to see my kids!


All in all, Kuwait was a somewhat strange experience, but then again, I find it often is when I work in the Gulf. Not quite the glamorous travel working experience I’m normally privy to, but it ended happily enough.


Day 3 was a little breezey. Thankfully, these days I have equipment which works in any weather so it was no problem to make sure the event was still filled with bubbles! The Bubble Nets came out and filled up the venue beautifully! See them in action on the website at and look for Bubble Nets. They’re GREAT in the wind at large scale open air events and really spread vast clouds of bubbles over a huge area.

I had been planning on performing my new Giant Bubble stage show at the event, but nothing was in place in preparation for this performance (it’s the first year he’s orgnaised it), so I ended up doing bubble walkabouts instead. Perhaps this was just as well, as walkabouts allow a lot more flexibility when it comes to outdoor events, especially ones in the Middle East!


Most bizarrely, my host, Yousef Aldaour, asked me to to extend my stay when I went to bid my farewells. He he had forgotten I was leaving in the morning, and was surprised to hear it. He invited me to extend my contract with them to keep the bubbles flowing at the event.

I was honoured by his suggestion, and glad to hear he was happy with my bubbles, but it was a little late to change my plans at that point. What I found most strange is quite how unplanned his approach to the performances at the P2BK event was!


There we go... perhaps it’s good to leave him wanting more, and maybe we’ll do it all again next year. Inshallah!


Hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-series of blogs! Signing off from Kuwait, and looking forward to seeing you all and the green hills of home.

Happy bubbling!



Ps “Bubble” in Kuwaiti – “Fuq-ahr-art!” must add that to the list. Do you know any i don't??? -

Written by Sam Heath — March 08, 2013

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