Excess Baggage


So, off to the airport I went. It took two full trolleys to carry all my equipment including the replacement bubble solution. Thankfully I was early and first to arrive at check-in. 6 bags can take a while.


The man at the desk looked at me and tutted. One by one, he weighed my bags. The combined weight came to a startling 110 kilos.


I’m only allotted 20, and each subsequent kilo he tells me is excess baggage and charged at £32/kilo. Instantly, I realise I’ve chosen the wrong guy to come to for check in.


How am I going to explain this one to my client? Even though they were the ones who hired the wrong snow machine, and so I’ve had to bring my own… Even though it’s not my fault customs have not released my bubble mix, it’s still


90 kilos.


At £32/kilo…


THAT’S £2880!?!


I thought it would be 50 or 60 total, minus my 20 allotted, but  3 GRAND? Indonesia will never hire me ever again.




He went off to talk to his manager, but said he wouldn’t be able to take much off, and despite my pleas of doing charity shows for underprivileged children he came back saying he could knock 15 kilos off my bill. That still came to £2400.




Just then, the clouds parted. The sun broke through and Lady Luck shined on me in the shape of a shift change.


Rulebook Roger, or Norman, or whatever he was called clocked out, and Abdul took over. “What’s in the bags?” he asked me, and I explained about my bubbles and gave him a card. “I never thought bubbles would be so heavy” I remarked. He smiled. I asked him how much the total would be, and he told me it would be about £1700 and I feined shocked surprise.


He began writing out the bill, and his pen hovered over the ‘kilos’ field, pondering what to charge me.


The suspense was killing me!


And then… 38! My bill came to £1216, and despite this being more than I’ve ever paid before, I considered myself a very lucky Bubbleman indeed.


Hopefully the client will see it the same way.




I treated myself to a new camera and stocked up on organic chocolate bars for my trip.


My thanks to Abdul, wherever you are.








Written by Sam Heath — June 19, 2013


Steve Kaos:

Hey Sam, happy travels fine fellow, good to see you at Wychwood all be it super briefly, perhaps stating the obvious but always pre weigh and clear excess charge with client before travelling, I took 110 kilos to Ferrari World this was pre approved and in the end was quite cheap as I was flown with Lufthansa who charge per bag not weight (no good for you on your trip though..) there is huge variation in the prices of excess from different airlines too. I hope it all works out fine for you ~;-) Steve xx

June 20 2013 at 02:06 AM

Dov Citron:

There are nice people in the World who use common sense. Just a shame they’re a rareity.

June 20 2013 at 07:06 AM


Crikey, Sam – nail biting Blog!!!!! Abdul was your saviour.

June 20 2013 at 07:06 AM


That’s a great story. An alarming start and a good middle ground – will everything be lighter on the way home?

June 20 2013 at 12:06 PM

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