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Water - Jakarta # 3



There’s something about aeroplanes… Maybe it’s the sound. From the moment you step on the plane, the engines are already turning, and as they pick up speed and you begin to trundle towards the runway, the constant white noise gathers intensity, rolling me up into a little ball and whisking you away. Combined with the view as the plane lifts into the air, I am transported to another place in my mind, completely and utterly hypnotised. Two streams of air suddenly become visible as they arc, bending in mid air to follow the shape of the wing. I go limp, like an animal that goes floppy when it’s tummy is rubbed.


Layers of Nimbus and Stratus clouds fly towards me, my vision fading in and out as we pass through the first layer. We pass through. The pilot hovers for a minute just on top of the clouds, and makes me wonder if he did it on purpose. How beautiful must this look from the cockpit?




There is nothing quite like taking off when the sun is low in the sky. Hovering between Earth and Space, layers of cloud above and below, capturing light and shadow like Renoir. Woollen clouds turn to seascapes. Ripples and waves, spume rising up above their surface. Other-worldly visions of distant landscapes lift me far far above anything I’d normally experience.




An intercom interjects, momentarily bringing me back to my senses, but the experience of the sound and vision is so strong and her voice appears as if a voice in my mind.




Rivers flow like spleens beneath me. All this water… above, below, under the earth’s surface. Inside us.






Funny to think that water is what this trip and indeed, my whole career is about. Wonderful wonderful water.


About 98% of my Supapop bubble solution (seewww.bubbleinc.co.uk) solution is water. Juuuusst a little soap and magic to lower the surface tension.




Did you know that half the water on The Earth wasn’t here when the planet was formed? It arrived, billions of years ago, in the form of ice meteorites hurtling through Outer Space! They crashed into the earth, and melted, providing inconcieveable amounts of water.




We are made of water. 60-70% of every one of us is water. Our brains, even more so – about 80%. That means, there’s only 18% difference between our brains, and a bubble.


It also means that bubbles are approximately 49% from Outer Space, and our brains  are 40% alien.




So there.