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Last Show!

It’s the last weekend of the Jakarta leg of my world bubble tour. I’m 38 shows down, 62 to go, but only 6 left in Jakarta. I figured it was about time you got a flavour of one of my shows! (Youtube links below – I hope you enjoy it!)

Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucajRpf6wJg&feature=youtu.be

Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuXLzK5wo-M&feature=youtu.be


Funny in a way,.. I LOVE performing here, but it’s not a great city. For a start, there’s no metro, and 30 million people, so it’s pretty congested. Also it’s not like there’s lots of sights or parks here… look it up in the Lonely Planet, and it only gets about 5 pages.

But to work here is kinda magnificent for me. Mostly because of the people – they love it when I try to speak Indonesian (‘Bahasa’); eagerly step into my bubble world without any pretence or hesitation; and show their appreciation in a very open way. Actually it’s more like adulation! The reaction at the end of my shows is startling. Makes me feel like some kind of pop star!


Also the venue give me a lot of creative freedom, and like to get involved with ideas for my show, so it’s constantly developing and we’re often trying things out.

It’s not always like this everywhere I perform. I don’t know how my next set of (41) shows in Abu Dhabi will be, and I’m sure my last shows in Hong Kong will follow a much more structured format, with a bit more strict time keeping! My shows here can go on pretty much as long as I like… J


And these last 2 days, they definitely WILL go on a lot longer than the original 30-40 minutes planned. I have been pretty busy organising the details of my last shows and want to share it with you!

So for a start, you may have seen on Facebook, I’ve set up a photographic competition – best photograph sent in of my bubble show wins: tea with me; gets to go in a bubble in my last show; bubble prizes; a blown up copy of their photo; and one of my Samsam Bubbleman t-shirts. You should check out the photos if you haven’t already – there’s some great ones in there! Let me know your favourites!


The venue are also making hundreds of giant stickers for me to sign and give out in the last show…! Gonna take me some time…


Also planned for the last show is we’re going to set up a big screen and show a couple of short movies:

1)    My latest bubble documentary “The Bubbleologist” made by Jan Bednarz http://buzzfilms.co.uk/projects/  - it's in the third row down!


2)    I’m dedicating the show to OPF Orangutan Foundation (http://opf.org) and the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (http://orangutan.or.id)  and showing their wonderful movie about Orangutans and bubbles (http://www.metacafe.com/watch/3202377/the_gentle_apes/)


I read the Indonesian newspaper every day at breakfast and you can tell that there is the grass roots of a culture that is becoming more environmentally and socially aware. Reports about the smog and traffic talk about how awful it is and finding solutions to it run alongside articles about how the Government is no longer treating drug users as criminals, but as victims who need help.

And articles about the rich and amazing wildlife and how it should be protected more… there’s a strong sense of something changing here. But it’s also mixed up with money which is often no.1,… and a nothing else matters kind of attitude is the challenger which could easily halt any advances.

But at least people are becoming aware.


You may have heard about the terrible smoke pollution that Singapore and Malaysia have recently experienced, making people physically ill, and even dying! This was caused by the illegal technique of clearing rain forest in Indonesian Sumatra to make way for Palm Oil plantation.  Fires burnt out of control, and are destroying not just the forests, or the health of the Singaporeans, but also the natural habitat for 1000’s of species of rare and endangered animals.


Palm Oil!?! Do you even know what it looks like? I don’t but it comes in toothpastes, and biscuits and all kinds of everyday items that you and I use all the time! Even soap L

There is a move to clean up this industry and it’s growing rapidly in popularity, but only because it’s so small at the moment.

One organisation I highly recommend you check out is called “The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil”, but it’s spelt out more clearly at their sub-site: http://www.betterpalmoil.org/ where you can get information on which big companies have signed up and lots more info to help you and i not consume at the cost of Orangutans.

Do yourself and all of us a favour – probably one of the biggest things you can do to help save the planet right now – check out their website.


Anyway, apologies for the overly long preachy blog! I hope it means something to you, as it does to me.


Happy bubbling!


Samsam Bubbleman



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