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Interview questions from Hong Kong - for Samsam

Hi everyone!

So i finished my last show in Jakarta and bid farewell. I think one of the highlights for me was the experience of giving out 300 large signed stickers of pictures of me performing to the audience. It was all i could do to give them out safely! The surge as i offered out the stickers was incredible to the point of danger! Adults pushing kids out of the way to get to the front of the stage, and kids going wild to grab a sticker! i ended up throwing some of them up in the air and they wafted down to the sea of arms below. I stopped giving them to the adults and made sure that they kids got them, but it was like nothing i've ever experienced before....

Imagine like a jumble sale where all the grannies have had waaaaaaayyyyy too much coffee (dumbed down for the sake of youth).

Also probably most meaningful moments were to do with showing the 2 films - 1 my new documentary short, and no. 2 about the bubbles and Orangutan appeal. It was great to see how many people watched the film.


Anyway, so i'm now in Abu Dhabi and awaiting my first show (tonight at 8.30pm). It's Ramadan starting here today whichi is kinda wierd! I'm also awaiting a point where i can get my head together enough to write a blog post about how different it is here from Jakarta, or England, or anywhere else so keep your eyes peeled for my next bubble adventure post!

But in the meantime, i thought you might like to learn a bit about me and my history of bubbles. I didn't plan any of this - my last country on this tour is Hong Kong, and they sent me some PR questions to fill in. I figured you might like to see the answers.

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Bubble Show


Bubble Show

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  1. The three most impressing awards received
  1. The three most impressing publicities (TV Shows, Newspaper etc)
  1. Countries/ Cities visited as a performer
  1. Have you ever been performing in HK (if yes, please list the time and venue)
  1. Have you even been performing in some famous artists/ celebrities? (if yes, please list the time and venue)
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1)    a) qualification – I learnt my art by teaching myself as I learnt before qualification in Bubbleology was available. Now I set up the first ever college for bubble studies (www.bubbleinc.co.uk) and am the principle and founder. (joke!)

b) Experience – making bubbles since 1989 following my ‘bubble epiphany.’ I was sat in a field in England when I was 17 and saw a bubble float across my vision. I wondered and marveled at it’s beauty… floating ball of colour and light… how do you exist?

Then,… ‘pop’ and it was gone. Was it even there in the first place??? Like magic, but real.


This began my hobby into soap bubbles. For 11 years it stayed as a hobby and I learnt tricks and started mixing my own bubble solutions as well as collected different toys, solutions and books about bubbles.

Then in 2000, I set up new company - Bubble Inc (www.bubbleinc.co.uk or www.samsambubbleman.com) - to provide whatever people would want from bubbles. If they wanted to buy bubble toys or machines, then we could supply them. If they wanted bubbles for an event, then we could help. If it was something else, well… as long as it was bubble related we can probably do it too! Tell us your bubble vision!

Since then we have now a team of 25 people working with bubbles and have worked on creating bubbles for the Opening Olympic Ceremony last year; SFX for tv and film; Many pr exercises and tv commercials (eg Sony Bravia, O2, Cussons, Diaggeo; Barclays etc etc); celebrities and royalty (Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Royal Family of Dubai, Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, Paul McCartney, JK Rowling, Danny Boyle, Peter Gabriel, Shakira, Ringo Star, Michael Caine, and many more)

c) Awards – 9 x Guinness World Records; 1 x Certificate of Honour (Indonesia); Several other world record awards.


2)    See 1b)

To add a little to this – there is something very special to me about bubbles… I don’t’ think there’s anything else that has the kind of power that they do. You don’t believe me that bubbles have power? Find me something else,… ANYTHING else that can turn a 40 year old or even a 90 year old back into a child. Think about it. How much money does the cosmetics industry plough into finding products that can do this? How much money do we as a race spend on this search for the fountain of eternal youth? Actually a pot of bubbles is cheap does the same thing, and makes everyone else happy too.

3) Most people in a bubble, Largest Frozen bubble, Certificate of Honour (from Indonesian Government).

4) Most impressing publicities:

a)    The pictures I suggested to you of the giant bubble (from Barcroft Media ) – these got printed one day in August 2009 and was subsequently printed in 57 different countries newspapers.

b)   2 hour live appearance on BBC national radio for DJ Chris Evans – audience figure of approx. 3 million UK professionals – generated huge amount of work for us, and Chris Evans Radio Show went on to win prestigious Sony award for best entertainment. I was then invited back onto the show to celebrate my part in this. He called me “The Willy Wonka of bubbles!”

c) Olympic Opening Ceremony – I was given creative control of a 40 second segment of London’s Opening Olympic Ceremony last year and ran a team of 355 people making bubbles

d) Japanese tv show in 2010 with audience of 20,000,000 – see edited clip here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysGnLPyMvIQ


5)    UK, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Nigeria, South Africa, Hong Kong, Indonesia.


6)    I performed once in HK back in 2008 – for Sony festival at HK exhibition centre.


7)    see 1 b), plus more UK based celebrities such as Jarvis Cocker, Lily Allen, Tim Minchin, Chris Evans, Mohammed Al Fayed, Philip Schofield, Russell Howard,