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Can bubbles be art?


There's a positive side of these strange times we find ourselves in. I found it inspires something in me.. a deeper creative resurgence,.. a period of incubation,.. a time to create! After all, what would light be without darkness? Would art even exist without pain?

I’m happy to share one of these experiences with you: a set of wonderful experimental bubble shots. A testament to the strength of our "Supapop" bubble mixture.

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It was wonderful working on this project, to focus in on the bubbles themselves and nothing else. The whole album is over 1600 photos but i've whittled it down to this small selection for you - i lost many hours and myself by gazing into their colours and choosing my favourites. And the idea of presenting bubbles to you not just as a children's toy, but as an art-form excites me to the depths of my inner bubble!

I hope you enjoy them - I'd love to hear which is your favourite image, and why.


The colours that you'll see in these bubbles are created by light interference - simply put, different colours will appear depending on the thickness (thinness?) of the bubble wall. Purples and greens appear when the bubble is at it's thickest (1,000 nanometers). The more metallic colours appear once the wall has thinned, which it can do down to as little as 10 nanometers, at which point they will have lost all colour. To put that into perspective, the average human hair is several thousand times thicker at 50,000 nanometers!









These shapes are created by manipulating the air around the bubbles, of which i have several methods - fans help and sometimes i just utilise the wind. I love how they give colour to the movements of the air. It's like painting the sky.





Bubble created using one of our Giant Bubble Swords and Supapop bubble mix 


What do you see in the bubbles?