From 10am (BST) Saturday 2nd May come join us for fun and amazing bubble toys, tips and games that you can make and do yourself at home, courtesy of me, Samsam Bubbleman, 12 x Guinness World Record holding 'Bubbleologist!
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Equipment to prepare:
1) Bubble solution - - preferably our world record holding 'Supapop' available here: Failing that, you can use a home made solution with fairy liquid here:
3) Large and small bowl
4) Food colouring! Different colours!
5) Johnsons baby shampoo (optional but nicely no tears)
6) Straws - as many as you can find! Different sizes is even better
7) Plastic cups
8) Old dishcloths/ towels
9) A flannel or microfibre cloth you don't mind cutting in half
10) Rubber bands
11) Empty plastic bottles of different sizes
12) Scissors/ knife (adult supervision required)
13) Hand towel (for drying hands)
14) Newspaper/ old rug for putting on the ground (don't slip over!)
15) A4 card/ paper



Written by Chaz Rainbow — May 02, 2020

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