*NEW! Light up LED* Party Bubble Machine (mains only)

*2500 Bubbles per minute!

* Multi-coloured glowing led effect!

*Easy to use


Fantastic mid-range Bubble Machine! Ideal for parties and private events this machine will wow guests with its multi-coloured glowing led effect, plus up to 2,500 beautiful bubbles per minute!

This sturdy, well-made machine offers reliability and durability. Featuring a 0.75 litre reservoir it allows the machine to produce bubbles continuously for up to 45 min from a full tank! The Party Bubble Machine is powered by an IEC/Kettle lead (included).

At Bubble Inc, we know that by using the right solution you'll maximise the quantity and quality of your bubbles. That's why we highly recommend our 5 litre 'Reduced Wetting' Pro Bubble Fluid, not only to produce the highest quantity/quality of bubbles possible, but also to minimise any wetness under the machine. The 1.5l regular solution also works well in this machine.

Here's a quick video of us checking it out in Bubble HQ! Please note this is the non-light up version which is available by clicking here:


Please also note - VAT will be added to the price of this machine.