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UV Bubble Concentrate

    Looking for UV bubbles? We tried and tested all the ready made solutions out there and they just didn't produce many bubbles! So we came up with the answer - create a UV additive that you add to 5 litres of bubble mix. This way you get the best results!


     Our super strength bubble machine liquid  Pro Bubble Fluid will astonish you with the quantity to ensure a room FILLED with glowing floating bubbles and an audience left in a state of wonder! They look and act like normal bubbles under ordinary lighting, but put them under a UV (blacklight), and they give a whole new meaning to “Glow in the Dark.”

    You won't find better! 

    For Best Results, use with black light at 365 nm wavelength. Most new LED black lights glow at 390-400 nm, resulting in diminished brightness.


    Please note - VAT of 20% will be added to the price of this bubble solution.