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Wind-powered bubble machine! (New version)

    New updated model for 2021 - now with a metal chain and gears to ensure it'll keep pumping out bubbles season after season.

    One of a kind - this windmill device can be hung or placed up high on your garden fence and oh! What a lot of bubbles! The wind turns the windmill which is linked to a pulley system that turns the 8 beaded wands around the trough.

    It really is a thing of beauty - check out the video below for a demonstration of it being wafted around the air on the end of a fishing pole.

    Created by Sonja Graichen, a kite artist from Germany, this bubble machine is so beautiful even when not making bubbles, we've hung one up on our wall!

    Bubble solution not included but we recommend 1 litre or 5 litre solution for maximum bubble output. Holds approximately 500ml of bubble solution.