Remote controlled SMOKE BUBBLE MACHINE! - now with colour changing LED's


This truly incredible machine creates 1000's of smoke-filled bubbles lit with 6 x colour changing LED lights before your very eyes - brand new and exclusive to Bubble Inc!

Remote-controlled, the Smoke Bubble Machine is the LATEST in bubble technology, and unquestionably the most exciting development in the world of bubbles for many years!

This machine creates approximately 2-3,000 SBPM (Smoke-bubbles per minute). A high powered fan behind the wheels push the bubbles outwards, and a second fan below the bubbles output push the bubbles up, up and away into the air around your audience.

UPDATE! We have now further enhanced this machine by including a set of built in 6 LED programmable colour changing lights which light up the bubbles and smoke, creating an even more dramatic and unique effect!

We have never seen such a reaction to any of our products as the reaction that this machine creates! 100's of miniature moons suddenly filling the sky, floating away on a breeze, but MOST IMPRESSIVE is the amazed reactions when people reach out and touch the bubbles, releasing a puff of smoke and the imagination of your friends/guests who will LOVE this machine!

Rest assured, they will be talking about it for weeks to come!

The effect can be further enhanced by scenting the smoke so that your required scent is released upon popping the bubbles - Price available upon request. Please use the contact form and let us know your desired flavour. 

The smoke bubble machine benefits from having a tap to empty the tank after use. It holds approximately 1 litre of bubble fluid. Product includes wired remote control, wireless remote control /timer unit, power lead, and instructions.

Not included is bubble solution or smoke fluid (this machine requires both solutions). 

Here at Bubble Inc, we know that by using the right solution you'll maximise the quantity and quality of your bubbles. That's why we highly recommend our 5 litre  Pro Bubble Fluid, not only to produce the highest quantity/quality of bubbles possible, but also to minimise and wetness under the machine. For an EXTRA thrill, you can purchase 5 litres of our UV bubble fluid.

The smoke liquid is also available from our online store here

Machine featured in photo below is 2016 model - 2017 updated model includes a set of 6 LED colour changing lights to light up your bubbles in the dark!

Dimensions of the machine - 49(d) x 25(h) x 22.5(w) cm  and the weight is 9 kilos.

Please note - VAT will be added to the price of this machine.