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Giant Bubble Sword

    • Makes Giant Bubbles!

    • Easy to use.

    • Perfect for  learning bubble tricks

    Our Giant Bubble Sword is superb for making the biggest, coolest bubbles with absolute ease! The kids (along with EVERY Mum and Dad!) will love these super-sized bubbles.

    Whilst the scabbard minimizes the juice needed to make such biiig bubbles, we highly recommend getting some more because we know you're not going to want to stop. For the best and biggest bubbles, you need a super-strength BUBBLE MIXTURE! Use our Guinness World Record-holding bubble solution ‘Supapop’ and we guarantee you’ll be making giant bubbles and enormous smiles!

    How To Make Giant Bubbles -


    So much fun and so simple to use, this bubble sword is the perfect tool for making giant bubbles. Remove the sword from the scabbard and pour in the bubble mix. Dip the sword back in to the hilt and push the button to open up the scissor style wand.Then just hold it in the air if it's windy or drag it slowly through the air if it's still to make GIANT bubbles! You'll never have so much fun!

    Soon you’ll be doing bubble tricks and making bubbles inside bubbles, just like Samsam Bubbleman!

    Samsam says: "This is one of my favourite all time bubble toys for the simple reason that it's easy to use, PLUS, there's so much you can do with it! You can make all kinds of incredible bubble shapes and it's easy to perform some cool tricks too! Here's a pic of me of me using it in action -

    To get you started, we show you (on the reverse of the packaging) the secrets of one of my Guinness World Records - how to put bubbles INSIDE of bubbles!

    Brilliant for all ages - we get great feedback on this toy, because it crosses ALL boundries and captures the imagination of every age. I've had letters from Mum's saying how glad they were to see the kids put down their Playstations, the Dad put down the computer and that for the first time in years' they were all out in the garden playing together with it!

    I highly recommend trying our Supapop bubble mix in it too - makes it easier to use, and all the more fun!"

    But don't just take our word for it - check out this review of our best seller by blogger Bizzimummyhttp://bizzimummy.com/2014/09/09/fun-with-a-giant-bubble-sword

     Comes with 230ml bottle of bubble mix (fills toy once) - use the drop down menu to add Supapop solution to your order