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Original 1960''s VINTAGE bubble pipes!

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    • Original 1960's toy!


    F'real! A testament to our incredible range of bubble toys - we've got our hands on a limited amount of stock of genuine vintage bubble pipes from the 1960's, complete in their original packaging - a real piece of bubble history! 

    This pipe has 3 bowls with one blow hole - dip the top of the pipe in a little bubble solution and blow to make a beautiful cluster of bubbles. 

    Bubble pipes are the original way of making bubbles - a quick glance through bubble history will show you paintings of kids playing with bubble pipes going back hundreds of years. Most famously, John Millais's Pears Soap advertisement of the late 1800's pictured a boy with bubble pipe, an image still enjoyed by many to this day. 

    Grab yourself a gift you KNOW no-one else is going to get! 

    Pipe comes in original packaging as seen below - the soap packet contains a small amount of soap powder which we have not tried - if you want to use your bubble pipe, we recommend using some of our 8oz bubble solution

    nb please note - this item is sold as a collectors piece and not intended for children, unless they're the adult kind..