Bubble Birthday Party Pack!

* Everything you need to host your own bubble party!

* Fun for hours on end!

* 20% discount


 Birthday fast approaching? Look no further than our extra special bubble birthday packs Everything you need to fill your child's birthday with BUBBLES, BUBBLES AND EVEN MORE BUBBLES!

We have three levels of birthday party packages: Bronze, Silver and Gold. They include everything you need for hours and hours of bubble entertainment, from giant bubbles to bubbles guns to bubbles that you can catch on your nose!

Get the bronze package for only £60! That's a 20% discount!

To help you get the most out of your bubble toys Samsam Bubbleman (12x Guinness world record holder) has made a series of bubble workshop videos! Get involved and YOU can do AMAZING bubble tricks at home!  Watch on our YouTube channel - HERE

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This package includes:

1x Bubble Blaster - Make crazy bubble clouds!

2x Bubbliser - the world's best bubble gun!
1x Touchable bubbles - you can even catch them on your nose!!
2x 8oz Bubble pot!
1x Giant Bubble Sword!
1x Supapop - Our Guinness Record Holding Giant Bubble Mixture -500ml concentrate (makes 2 litres!) !
6x Rocket Balloons!
2 x Bubbliser refill pots!
2x Glitter Bubble Puzzle Pot!